Married At First Sight

The Billy and Susie situation on MAFS is just getting worse

It's Ines and Bronson all over again! During a visit to Billy's hometown, Susie starts a fight which prompts her husband to kick her out.

By Anita Lyons
When Susie Bradley and Billy Vincent entered the experiment mid-way, we didn't realise we'd have a whole other Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish saga on our hands.
In fact, we were actually quite surprised when the mother-of-one's immediate disdain for her "sensitive" husband led to some serious bullying and tears.
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While Ines had an acidic tongue, her lashings seemed to skim the surface like a slap to the face, but with Susie – her "toxic" behaviour (according to expert John Aiken) seem to catapult through your very soul – hurtful and vicious.
And on Monday night's episode during the hometown visit to Billy's house in Byron Bay, this was made more apparent than ever
Initially, Susie seemed genuinely pleased to be there – especially when they visited portrait photographer John Bortolin – who has been her husband's naked photographer for a number of years.
"So we started off taking pictures of one another, and then we became friends," Billy tells us of his friendship with John.Susie was very happy to meet him and, actually so were we – because John introduced us to this:
Well, hello there, Billy! (Source: Channel 9)
And this:
Mr February 2017! (Source: Channel 9)
And then also this:
(To which Susie says: "Well it's certainly not the worst thing I've seen in my life…")
Jaw drop! (Source: Channel 9)
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Story continues after the video
While it was all fun and frivolity at John's place, things began to spiral once the pair were back at Billy's house making coffee.
Susie asked if he had some sweetener and he was sure he did but couldn't find it… so Susie just decided he really never had any in the first place and was lying to her.
Things only escalated when they hit the beach for what was supposed to be a romantic surfing date.
After giving up within two seconds, Susie refused to do it anymore because it was "too cold, too windy and there are rocks" and oh. It's a beach, Darling.
Susie looks impressed but things went south soon after. (Source: Channel 9)
But when Billy joined her back on the sand, things began to unravel, and just like Billy, we became a little shocked and very confused.
"I need to practice a little bit more, I'm a little bit rusty," Billy tells Susie when he's back on dry land.
"When did you last proper surf?" Susie asks."Oh a few months ago," he responds, telling her that he does kite surfing… but Billy, she wants to know about "actual surfing". When did you last "actual surf"?
"A few months ago," he tells her.
And oh no... Billy. That can't be right because according to Susie, only a few days ago on the honeymoon you told her it had been "two years" since your last surf and she doesn't care that you did or didn't… it's the fact that you're "lying" AGAIN...and umm, what?!
"That's just misleading, darling," Susie adds in a somewhat condescending tone.
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Story continues
And Billy looked like this:
It's OK, Billy! (Source: Channel 9)
And we just wanted to give him a hug…
"You lied. I'm never going to be able to trust you if you keep doing this," Susie tells him. "You do it with a lot of things, Billy."
"Like what?" he asks.
"Like with the [sweetener] Splenda! You get called out on them because they're lies!"
How is this actually a fight?
Because: "I will not take any form of lying and no trust," she says.
And thank God, Billy stands up for himself.
"This is killing me," he says. "I don't like being treated like sh--t. Treated worthless and like a piece of sh--t! I'm over it!"
And yaas Billy! Yaas.
"I'm over it!" (Source: Channel 9)
Finally away from his wife, Billy breaks down in tears and it's painful to watch.
"I'm trying to do everything I can for her, you know," he sobs to the camera.
We love you, Billy! (Source: Channel 9)
The next day, Billy and Susie decide to have a chat about what happened.
They determine that they were both "very upset" and Billy seems a little shocked that she was too.
"Really?" he asks her.
"Clearly you still don't understand why I was upset," Susie says and that doesn't sound like an apology, Susie."You are very, very hard to have a relationship with," Billy says and we can tell he's defeated.
"Even after a week of being belittled and talked to…," he tries to tell her before she interrupts saying she "won't believe that crap."
Billy tells her she hasn't listened to "what the experts have said" and she's "not compromising whatsoever."
WATCH NEXT: Billy kicks Susie out. Story continues after video...
"Woah, woah, woah, woah!" Susie says. "I have listened to what the experts said and since that commitment ceremony, I have been nothing but fabulous to you."
Hmm, that is debatable.
"I brought it up to you because I'm not quiet and little sook like you…" she continues.
No, thank you very much, Susie. No thank you. We are having none of this, and thank goodness neither is Billy.
Finally, Billy does what we're all hoping and kicks her out of his house… and bye, Susie. You're no longer welcome.
Naturally, Twitter had a lot of feelings about Billy and Susie's blue...
While we wait wait for Tuesday's episode,we'll leave you with this... and you're welcome.
Oh Billy! (Source: John Bortolin // Instagram)

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