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From cheating scandals to dramatic fallouts: Which Married At First Sight season 8 couples are still together?

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The eighth season of Married At First Sight was a wild ride filled with speculation, cheating scandals, and incompatibility, but months after the final episode, let’s discover which couples are still together.

Our brides and grooms barely made it through their honeymoons before whispers and theories over each of the couples’ fates began, but now our contestants’ marital statuses are well and truly confirmed.

But with only five out of 60 couples in the history of the show going the distance, the odds are sadly not in their favour.

According to MAFS‘ Mel Schilling, she and her fellow experts may be able to do the scientific matching side of the experiment, but it’s only as helpful as getting the couple to the altar.

“We can’t control the spark so when people do get together one of the unknowns is whether they’re going to physically spark with each other,” she previously told Who, adding that it’s also unknown how each individual as well as each couple will work under pressure.

To save you the time and effort, we’ve gone Magnum P.I. on this season’s contestants and found out who’s still together below.

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(Channel Nine)

Alana Jason

Alana & Jason – Fizzled out

There’s no question, Alana and Jason had strong chemistry, mostly of the sexual genre.

However, in a chat with 9Entertainment, Jason revealed that sex wasn’t the only thing he and Alana have connected on.

“There is a lot more to Alana and I’s relationship than that, but obviously that’s a very strong point of ours,” he confessed.

What’s more, in a chat with the Hit Network’s Bec, Cosi & Lehmo in February, Alana was asked how she and Jason were going and though she made sure not to give any spoilers, the MAFS bride basically confirmed that they were still an item.

“I think we’re going pretty good,” she told the radio trio.

The couple made it all the way to the final vow ceremony and Alan changed her mind at the last minute, opting to stay with Jason despite doing into it with the mindset to leave.

However, when the reunion dinner party rolled around Alana and Jason turned up separately, having split after the show. Jason had a brief fling with season seven bride KC Osborne but now both he and Alana currently appear to be single.

(Channel Nine)

Pat Belinda

Patrick & Belinda – They don’t want the same things

Never-had-a-boyfriend Belinda and unlucky-in-love Patrick made a surprisingly perfect match on the night of their nuptials.

In pics obtained by The Wash taken in February, Patrick was snapped dancing up a storm in Sydney with friends and though Belinda wasn’t with him, he was still wearing his wedding ring.

Despite seeming like they may go the distance, in July Belinda revealed they had split.

She broke the news on her Instagram stories by sharing the message,”We would like to address the current rumours of our split and can confirm we have gone our separate ways.

“We have enjoyed a relationship together for over 9 months however we do not want the same things in love and life.”

(Channel Nine)

Beth Russell

Beth & Russell – A complete mismatch

If having a breakdown mid-wedding wasn’t an omen we don’t know what is.

Beth spoke candidly to TV WEEK revealing she “felt robbed” by her MAFS match.

What comes as surprise to no one, groom Russell was spotted on dating sites just episodes into the season, in screenshots uncovered by gossip podcast So Dramatic!

With both Beth and Russell agreeing they’re friends and nothing more, both opted to leave the experiment early.

(Channel Nine)

Jo James

Jo & James – Magic 8 Ball says ‘No’

It was a rocky MAFS journey for Jo and James, but ultimately and unsurprisingly the couple chose the leave the show separately.

Fans were first tipped off when the single mum was spotted shopping with her kids, her ring finger noticeably bare.

It may not be an obvious tell but perhaps her groom James being spotted kissing another woman was evidence enough of an impending split.

In video footage obtained by the Daily Mail James was seen at a Melbourne night club getting cosy with a mystery woman.

“He was seen dancing the night away, they were kissing on the dance floor and he clearly didn’t care who saw,” a witness told the publication.

Jo may be single and ready to mingle but James is currently dating actress Verity East.

(Channel Nine)

Sam Cameron

Samantha & Cameron – Down in flames

Sparks were FLYING when these two got hitched but those sparks quickly turned to flames that threatened to take the couple down.

Cameron found himself caught up in this year’s cheating scandal with bride Coco, after bonding over their struggling marriages.

After a heated dinner party, Coco and Cam shared a secret pash before heading to the commitment ceremony and both opting to leave the experiment.

Are Coco and Cam together now? No, they are very much separated and are reportedly seeing other people. In fact, Samantha is in a relationship with Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Matt!

(Channel Nine)

Booka Brett

Booka & Brett – Ripped our hearts out

For the first few weeks these two were a match made in reality TV heaven.

Brett and Booka became instant favourites thanks to their adorable banter and obvious connection, which also instinctually made us fear our joy for the new couple would be turned on its head – as is the nature of MAFS.

Although Booka had shut down all rumours of a split from Brett, first hinted by The Wash who suggested the couple not following one another on Instagram was a telling sign, our gut feeling was we were right.

We were right to feel cautious. After a disastrous honesty challenge and scathing letter from groom Patrick, the couple had a huge falling out and were never able to recover.

(Channel Nine)

Mel & Bryce

Melissa & Bryce – Credit where credit is due

Despite initial trepidations, Melissa and Bryce’s nuptials seemed to go off without a hitch.

While Melissa was anxious to reveal she’d never been on a date, Bryce was unfazed by the news, in fact, trumping her statement with news he’d been engaged six months prior to MAFS.

Melissa was just as accepting of this, and while we’re sure it won’t all be smooth sailing, it seems the couple are on the right path to happily ever after.

Months after their final vows, the couple broke the news via New Idea that they are engaged and were going to be parents. Though they were 10 weeks early, twins Levi and Tate were born in October 2021.

“People saw on the show how supportive and loyal Mel was. I’m pleased to say that’s transitioned to the real world,” Bryce told New Idea.

(Channel Nine)

Jake Beck

Jake & Beck – Finished

While Jake was immediately blown away by his blushing bride the same couldn’t quite be said for Beck.

As she head down the aisle, Bec was less than impressed with her groom Jake, claiming he was looking at her like she was a “piece of meat.”

Appearing on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa Beck spoke about her relationship with the charity CEO, revealing they didn’t “choose each other”.

“I don’t choose Jake. Jake doesn’t choose me,” she said.

Wippa went on to predict a partner swap between Jake and Bec, a claim at which she silently avoided.

After committing to one another at the final vows, to many fans’ surprise, the couple have since split.

At the reunion it was revealed Jake’s infamous New Year’s kiss with fellow bride Booka was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the couple.

Both have found love since the show, Beck with boyfriend Ben Michell and Jake with girlfriend Clare Rankin.

(Channel Nine)

Coco Sam

Coco & Sam – NOPE

Two minutes of watching Coco and Sam’s wedding says it all, really.

Coco’s boisterous personality seemed a little much for Sam, who wasn’t afraid to throw a side-eye or share how he really felt.

After making it through the first few weeks and Coco putting up with more misogynistic behaviour and comments than we ever could the couple both decided to leave amicably.

(Channel Nine)

Johnny Kerry

Johnny & Kerry – The new MAFS darlings

Intruders Johnny and Kerry basically became Booka and Brett 2.0 in the eyes of fans.

By all accounts the couple seem to be a perfect match and are giving us a glimmer of hope after the disaster of their counterparts.

Podcast So Dramatic! spilled via an inside source that they’re still going strong even when the show was airing.

“Johnny is actually an actor though, he was asked by a producer to go on the show and he did an audition; but, funnily enough, he and Kerry actually ended up working out.”

In July, they took the next step in their relationship by moving in together and getting a dog, and from the look of their Instagrams, they’re still going strong.

(Channel Nine)

Georgia Liam

Georgia & Liam – They said ‘I DON’T’

The second intruder couple, Georgia and Liam, also seemed chuffed with the experts’ work, getting on like a house on fire.

After photos of Georgia and other intruder Johnny at the same venue emerged, fans speculated that those two actually end up together instead. But it was soon confirmed that Johnny is very much loyal to bride Kerry.

After a tumultuous final dinner party Georgia used her final vows to tell Liam how she really felt, and he didn’t take it well.

The groom stormed out of the ceremony, calling it quits once and for all and let’s not forget that shock video.

Liam is currently dating New Zealand MAFS star Samuel Levi.

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