Married At First Sight

These photos may have just exposed a scandalous Married At First Sight partner swap


The Married At First Sight intruders have only been in the experiment for two days but there is already plenty of drama brewing around them.
And while the first two intruder couples seem to be hitting it off, the most recent developments suggest that their relationships do not last. In fact, there may even be some form of couple swap going on.
That's right. Some recent proof suggests that new couples Georgia and Liam and Kerry and Johnny don't actually make it last outside of the experiment and, in fact, it is Georgia and Johnny who end up together on the outside.
Georgia is one half of the potential partner swap. (Channel Nine)
According to a report from The Wash, back in December both Georgia and Johnny shared almost identical snaps from the same Brisbane venues only a day apart. This happened multiple times.
The first time, Georgia posted a snap of her sipping on a cocktail at Comuna Cantina bar in Queensland back on December 19th. A week later, Johnny also posted a snap from the venue.
The second time, the groom shared a snap from a pool at The Fantauzzo on December 23 and Georgia followed by also sharing a pic from the same place, with a near-identical background, a week later on January 3rd.
The publication suggested the stars had purposely posted the snaps on different days to throw viewers off the scent.
Coincidence? (Instagram)
Georgia was initially paired with Liam, the show's first bisexual groom. Johnny, however, was matched with fellow divorcee Kerry.
During last night's episode, Johnny expressed his concern that Kerry was messaging her ex-husband throughout their honeymoon.
It turns out Kerry remains very close with her former husband, even revealing to Woman's Day that he encouraged her to go on the show.
Could Kerry's closeness with her ex be this couple's undoing? (Channel Nine)
"I made sure fairly early in the process that I had his blessing but he told me to go for gold," Kerry, 30, told Woman's Day.
Perhaps Kerry's close relationship with her ex is too much for Johnny to handle in the end.
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