Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: "I felt robbed": Married At First Sight's Beth reveals how she really felt being matched with Russell

Russell was not who Beth envisioned when she walked down the aisle.

By Laura Masia
Coming into Married At First Sight, Beth knew exactly what she wanted in a partner, and made sure the producers knew, too.
But as she walked down the aisle, laying eyes on Russell, Beth 
was surprised.
"He wasn't the person I had envisioned," Beth admits to TV WEEK.
"I was open to whatever was happening but I definitely had a moment of shock."

As the newlyweds got to know each other on their wedding day, Beth couldn't help but feel disappointed by the man the experts felt was her perfect match.
"I actually felt a little bit offended, like they'd ignored all of those things and put me with Russell," the 
39-year-old psychology graduate says.
Will Beth find her happily ever after with Russell? Channel Nine
After putting her life on hold and turning up to her wedding without any family and friends and being stuck on a cold beach filming for hours, Beth's wedding day saw her hit breaking point.
"I felt broken in that moment," Beth explains, revealing that within seconds she had cameras in her face.
"I didn't have anyone there to talk to about what I was feeling and I didn't have a moment of rest to take in what was happening so I just broke down."
While Beth and Russell didn't make a romantic connection on their wedding day, Beth tried to hold on to hope.
"I thought I've got to give this a go and open myself up. I hoped that maybe something would change," Beth admits, but sadly she didn't feel like 
it was enough.
"I want an amazing relationship, 
and if I can't find that here, I have that with myself."

While it's only early days for MAFS season eight, so far, Beth doesn't completely agree with the narrative of her story playing out in the media.
"I've noticed in the stories and the bios that people are putting out of me that they're taking the angle of 'she's always wanted to be a mum and she got her heart broken ten years ago and she's been trying to find love ever since," the beautiful bride says.
"I feel like they're trying to paint me as this real lost puppy and I'm yearning to be a mother and that's my only goal. Yes, wouldn't mind being a mum if it happens but first and foremost I want an amazing relationship."
"I've got goals and dreams beyond that. It's not my be all and end all."

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