Married At First Sight

MAFS’ Beck reveals she had “red flags” about Jake and Booka’s friendship from the start of the show

''For myself and I know Brett as well.''

By Maddison Hockey
After leaving the experiment together, hoping to make it work in the real world, Married At First Sight's Beck and Jake returned to the reunion dinner party last night, separately.
As dinner kicked off so too did the drama and the former husband and wife found themselves at the centre of it as the reason for their split was revealed.
When couples around the table asked Beck and Jake why they split, the bride and groom had different responses.
However, it was Beck's that shocked the most, revealing it was Jake's infamous New Year's Eve kiss with Booka that was the "straw that broke the Camel's back" for them.
Booka was shocked the innocent peck had caused such a rift between the couple. (Channel Nine)
While Jake says it was "innocent", the 27-year-old today revealed to 9Entertainment she had "red flags" about her husband's relationship with Booka from the start of the show.
"It wasn't necessarily the kiss that impacted the relationship however it was more Jake and his accountability afterwards. Being blamed for it. Being told that it didn't happen," Beck explained.
"It was just all the dishonesty that came with it over and over, not even one day after even though he knew I'd seen the footage."
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Jake believed his relationship with Beck was already over. (Channel Nine)
She then explained was uncomfortable with their closeness from the start, as was Booka's husband Brett.
"That was a relationship that was red flags from the start of the experiment for myself and I know Brett as well," she said.
"Just small things not adding up around their friendship and their business, however all I know is that Jake was in absolute denial about it when there was footage and that was the main issue for me."
Beth backed Jake's stance that the kiss was just a friendly New Year's Eve peck. Footage of the moment also shows Booka kissing Beth in the same fashion.