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Meet the intruders! Check out all of the Married at First Sight 2020 brides and grooms

Now that we know about the intruders, there will be no shortage of drama coming down the aisle!
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Ratings juggernaut Married At First Sight is back and Woman’s Day has the exclusive first look at all the brides and grooms Australia is about to become obsessed with.

Experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford, will once again put science to the test when it comes to matters of the heart.

You’ll bear witness to more love than ever before plus some surprising new elements that will rock the experiment and challenge not only the couples but the group as a whole.

This season was promised to be the most scandalous yet and after the shock that was toothbrush gate, they’re not lying!

But now, we have four new brides and grooms entering the experiment as intruders- including last season’s Lizzie Sobinoff.

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Scroll on to meet the MAFS cast for 2020!

Image: Channel Nine



When Poppy’s twin boys were just six weeks old, her ex-husband left her for another woman, leaving her heartbroken. She’s entering the experiment with a clear mission: she wants a dependable man.

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Meet Married At First Sight 2020 bride Poppy

Image: Channel Nine


TASH, 31

Tash is a far cry from the bullied overweight teenager she once was. Identifying herself as sexually fluid and open, Tash has dated both men and women, and her striking looks and lean physique are set to capture everyone’s eye.

Image: Channel Nine



Mishel insists that despite having two grown kids aged 18 and 20, she is the one being parented due to her no-filter approach to life! Married at just 20, she has been cheated on by seven of her eight former partners and is hellbent on finding her perfect match.

Image: Channel Nine



In Serbian years, Aleks is 100, which explains why her traditional parents are still confused about why she isn’t married with four kids. The fiery brunette says the dating pool is small in Perth, and her high standards aren’t helping her snag a man!

Image: Channel Nine



Stacey’s got it all: beauty, brains … and baggage! The mum-of-two admits her broken engagement and young family have gotten in the way of bagging herself a long-term partner. She is determined to find someone who can handle her straight-shooting attitude.

Image: Channel Nine



Trust issues have seen Cathy develop impenetrable walls when it comes to relationships. But the Kiwi-born glamour hasn’t given up on finding The One entirely, and is hoping to find a faithful guy she can knock back some beers with.

Image: Channel Nine



A self-confessed introvert, she has often found herself asking, “What’s wrong with me?” when it comes to finding love. And with her mother firmly against Connie’s wishes to take part on MAFS, her journey is going to be one bumpy ride!

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Meet Married At First Sight 2020 bride Connie

Image: Channel Nine



Despite having a taste for older men, including her 50-year-old ex-fiancé, this bride-to-be refuses to be a trophy wife! Determined to break her cycle of falling for powerful men, Natasha is looking for a bloke who can be her equal.

Image: Channel Nine



Crippling acne throughout her teen years saw Vanessa attract nasty bullying at the hands of her school mates. Suffering with low-self-esteem, which has seen her shielding herself against potential partners, she hopes to find someone who can look beyond her scars.

Image: Channel Nine



Don’t let Amanda’s tough-girl exterior fool you – she’s a big softy who wants to meet a woman to love deeply. Despite being proud of who she is, her sexuality hasn’t always been accepted by her family, making it difficult for her to find lasting love.

Image: Channel Nine



Having been addicted to drugs for almost 10 years, Hayley has had a tough life. Thankfully, her dedication to health and fitness pulled her out of her darkness and she’s never looked back. Now she’s looking to find a groom who can accept her – past and all.

Image: Channel Nine



She’s back! With a new look and ready for a second shot, Lizzie became a fan favourite last season after her on-screen husband Sam ditched her just hours into their marriage. While she’s been dating since last year, she wants to find someone who appreciates her for her and not for her TV personality status.

Image: Channel Nine


KC, 31

Having lived in LA and “lived the celebrity life without being a celebrity,” KC is ready to swap the bright lights of Hollywood for a proper commitment. Can this performing artist find her Prince Charming?

Image: Channel Nine


JOSH, 28

Meet the resident party boy, who has put the dancefloor before his girlfriends. Josh’s larrikin ways saw him lose the love of his life – a moment he says has been his deepest regret. This “serial monogamist” is now looking for his forever bride.

Image: Channel Nine



With parents who have been married for 38 years, Chris is the first to admit that being a single dad to two young boys is not the life he imagined he’d live. After two failed engagements, Chris is keen to complete his ideal family portrait.

Image: Channel Nine



After surviving testicular cancer eight years ago, this groom knows what he wants – and it’s no longer younger women. When his then-girlfriend nursed him through his pain, it made him realise the level of compassion he hopes to find in a future wife.

Image: Channel Nine


LUKE, 39

This FIFO worker has endured his fair share of heartbreak, having grown apart from his wife of 10 years, Luke eventually found love with a woman who left him for his neighbour. Now, despite his work, he’s prioritising his daughters and finding a woman he can call his wife.

Image: Channel Nine



Single-dad Michael became a millionaire at just 24 when he became a shareholder in the family business he now runs. He’s on the hunt for a woman who can whip him into shape and keep him on the straight and narrow.

Image: Channel Nine


IVAN, 30

Fiercely loyal, Ukrainian-born Ivan has very traditional family values. His strong opinions have meant he has certainly offended some people along the way. His ultimate hope is that his new bride sticks around long enough to get to know who he really is.

Image: Channel Nine



Cheeky but charming, Mikey has enjoyed the spoils of an affluent upbringing, but still has a solid work ethic and level head. He’s hoping the experts can help him find a partner who he can share his fortune with and overcome his awkwardness.

Image: Channel Nine



Make no mistakes, Jonethen is more than ready to put in the effort to find love. One of five boys, his roguish charm means he has not struggled to attract women, but thanks to his work he has failed to land a relationship beyond a few months.

Image: Channel Nine



Horse-obsessed, David is a wannabe cowboy who is looking to lasso a wife. Having endured a severe spinal injury resulting in surgery, David managed to rehabilitate himself. With his life now in check, he’s searching for a love to mirror his parents’ long-lasting marriage.

Image: Channel Nine


SEB, 30

Semi-pro AFL player Seb is a 6’6” personal trainer as well so he’s always had attention from women on a physical level. Being so tall and incredibly goofy as a teen made him self-conscious in his younger years but now this sensitive soul is ready for someone who will appreciate what’s on the inside.

Image: Channel Nine


DREW, 31

A musician with a heart of gold, Drew was meant to marry his partner four years ago but was left heartbroken when his fiance called things off eight weeks before the wedding? Now he’s ready to put his heart on the line again and give love a second shot.

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