Married At First Sight

Meet Married At First Sight's most fame-hungry groom, Ivan Sarakula!

The real estate agent has always wanted to be on TV.

By Woman's Day team
Ukrainian-born Ivan Sarakula may be a practising real estate agent, but one source close to the 30-year-old reveals the groom has had his sights set on reality TV for years!
"This has been in the works for some time – he's always wanted to be on TV," says the insider. "All his closest mates have told him he'd be perfect for it. He's got the eccentric personality [and] he really has no problems saying it how it is either."
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Desperate to be in the spotlight? Image: Channel Nine
A quick glance of the Sydney-based groom's social media reveals that Ivan is no stranger to socialising in reality TV circles.
Just last year he posted a photo with his "new friend" Cyrell Paule and even tagged the official MAFS account.
Meanwhile in 2016, the handsome star struck up a friendship with none other than The Bachelor's Keira Maguire during a night out in Sydney.
Ivan snapped with MAFS' Cyrell Paule (left) and hanging out with The Bachelor's Keira Maguire (right). Images: Instagram

MAFS explodes!

If Cyrell and Martha's wine throwing last season was enough to make you scream at the TV, then hold onto your remote!
Woman's Day is told the ratings' juggernaut will have the whole country talking when some of MAFS' most explosive scandals are revealed in the coming weeks. Here's what to expect...
WATCH: The most dramatic moment in MAFS history? See Martha throw red wine over Cyrell. Story continues below...

No more nice-girl Lizzie!

Our on-set spy warns that fans shouldn't expect to see the meek Lizzie Sobinoff we saw last year!
"She's back with a vengeance! She'll be taking no prisoners this season and certainly won't be putting up with cheating or bitchiness from the other participants," says the insider who insists the 28-year-old, who is rumoured to be entering as an intruder, is involved in some of the "feistiest spats" the show has ever seen.
"One night the girls get into an argument and Lizzie just tears shreds off some of the brides!" says our spy.
Lizzie is back and bolder than ever! Image: @lizalizzieelizabeth/ Instagram

The loosest cast ever!

Throwing 20 loud and confident brides and grooms into a hotel was never going to end well, but Woman's Day hears this year's cast were seriously rowdy.
"Screaming, yelling, banging... you name it, it happened! The hotel staff didn't know what to do. There were some participants coming home smashed and partying until the sun came up," says the spy, who adds that many brides and grooms insisted on having their own apartments so they could sleep separately.
Is this year's cast the wildest yet? Image: Channel Nine

A new low: Toothbrush-Gate!

It's been given an official name, and "Toothbrush-gate" is set to raise eyebrows across the country!
Our spy reveals incoming groom David Cannon is said to have filmed himself dipping his bride Hayley's toothbrush into the toilet as a means of twisted revenge.
"It became the only thing anyone was talking about behind the scenes," says the insider. "It was truly the most shocking and disgusting thing anyone had heard of, even the producers were freaking out about it."
Toothbrush-gate is set to be one of this season's biggest scandals. Image: Supplied

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