Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Poppy admits husband Luke "annoyed the s---" out of her constantly

''That just made me want to throw him down a staircase.''

By Alex Lilly
We had our first Married At First Sight walkout just a day after the first commitment ceremony when mum-of-two Poppy Jennings decided to leave the experiment.
While the 38-year-old photographer said her reason for leaving was because she missed her twin boys, others have suspected that she simply wasn't attracted to Luke.
But now, Poppy has unleashed on her husband in a telling interview shared to the MAFS YouTube channel admitting that they simply did not click and that she wasn't going to stay for someone who wasn't a true love.
In the candid video, Poppy admitted that it would've been like "flogging a dead horse" if she had stayed on the show with Luke and that she had no regrets about leaving.
"I could've stayed for an extra Instagram follow, I could've stayed to hold up a bottle of moisturiser and say 'Use at my code.' I wanted to go home to my children."
She added that despite getting along off-camera and having a few fun moments with Luke, Poppy said ever could've worked.
"I think we differed in the fact that he just annoyed the s--- out of me constantly," she admitted.
"He was so overly positive and I was clearly struggling at times and he'd be so positive about it and that just made me want to throw him down a staircase," she added.
"I think we differed in the fact that he just annoyed the s--- out of me constantly." (Image: Nine Network)
Poppy elaborated by saying, "If I was feeling really down I didn't want to be like 'It's all right it's going to be a rainbow and butterflies,' it was just always like that and I felt like I was constantly overreacting."
"I want to be with someone that brings out the really good side of me because there's really s--- sides of me, I know that and I own that," she added.
The mum-of-two also added that she was hating herself at times as she was becoming so frustrated.
Poppy admitted that Luke was "overly positive" at times. (Image: Nine Network)
As she left the show, a tearful Poppy told the cameras, "I really really really thought that this was going to be finally the happy ending, meeting someone that was going to be a good dad to my kids and I was going to have that family because I deserve that."
"I'm really sad to leave the experiment, but I'm still really positive about finding love and I'm going to hope for the best," she added.
However, in a Two Minute Speed Date game with Now To Love, we had an inkling that Poppy's MAFS journey wouldn't be one of this season's success stories after she answered one question in a telling way.
When asked what the best piece of advice she's ever received is, the mum-of-two quickly responded with: "Don't get married," followed quickly with, "Don't go on Married At First Sight!"
Watch the moment in the player below. Post continues after video...
On the night the walkout aired, groom Luke shared an image of his lone wedding ring left behind on the bed, captioning it "I'm excited to meet day."
His fellow MAFS stars Mikey Pembroke, Connie Crayden and Jonethen Musulin shared their best wishes in the comments, with Mikey writing "All the best legend."
"I had a hope for me and Poppy and I want a happy ending more than anything else," Luke confessed in the episode.
Poppy went on to slam Luke further on her Facebook profile. (Image: Nine Network)
Poppy slammed Luke even further on social media, posting a rant to her Facebook profile highlighting how a lot of what's seen on the show is just a snippet of what really happened.
"I was matched with someone that cheated on his wife. Didn't even live in the same state and wasn't dad of the year by any means!!" she wrote.
She went on to slam her on-screen husband as "fake on camera" and a "complete d--- head behind the scenes," adding that he was on his best behaviour due to his FIFO job and that his bosses had drilled him beforehand that he had to behave.
"It's not what you see, it's what you don't see!" she penned adding, "Go and ask Luke why I was so uncomfortable? Why the f--- did I really leave??"
"He's petrified I'm going to talk. He knows he f---ed up. Those tears for him are for his reputation and job!!!! Feel free to pass this around so he can be accountable! I'm not some whinging little weak person that is going to be silenced. I'm standing up for the f---ing truth."