Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Poppy says she doesn't regret leaving the show

''As soon as I saw their faces, I knew I did the right thing.''

By Helen Vnuk
Poppy has become the first person to leave this year's season of Married At First Sight – and looking back, she's happy with her decision.
The Wollongong photographer tells TV WEEK that she regretted leaving her twin toddler sons the whole time she was gone.
"I don't regret that I left because as soon as I saw their faces I knew I did the right thing." (Image: Nine Network)
"I felt like that every single day of the experiment," Poppy, 38, says.
"I don't regret that I left because as soon as I saw their faces I knew I did the right thing."
Poppy, who was married to Melbourne FIFO worker Luke, was in daily contact with her twins during filming.
But it wasn't enough for her, "even though there were days when I was FaceTiming and they didn't even care".
"I'm very attached to them," she says. "It's been just me and them for such a long time. I tear up every time I talk about them."
WATCH BELOW: Poppy's dramatic breakdown at the aisle. Post continues after video...
Poppy and Luke both wrote "stay" at the first commitment ceremony, but Poppy says she didn't actually want to stay.
"I wanted to leave at the first commitment ceremony," she explains.
"[But] I felt really bad about how things had unfolded and I didn't want to leave on such bad terms."
She says although she didn't feel an "instant connection" with Luke, they got along "really well" at times.
"I'm talking about when it was just us two, hanging out, having a drink, no cameras," she adds. "We had some laughs. We could get along."
She thinks Luke, a single dad of two, just couldn't deal with her.
"I don't blame him. I'm a fiery person. I said, 'You're scared of me.' He said, 'I'm petrified.'"
Luke was devastated when he was told he had to leave the experiment. (Image: Nine Network)
MAFS fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment over Poppy's meltdown during her wedding in the premiere episode, remarking how much they liked her at first and how they had high hopes for her.
Some even labelled her as immature and naive for not realising that the experiment would require her to be away from her children for a substantial amount of time.
"Did Poppy not consider she would have to leave the twins behind after I'm sure were weeks of auditions before she made it on the show?" one fan penned.

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