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It’s a match! Who are all of the 2020 Married At First Sight couples?

'Til death (or something better) do them part.
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Oh Married At First Sight, it’s good to have you back.

Another year of drama, partner-swapping and dinner party barnies is upon us but before we get to all of that, we have some singletons who need to be coupled off.

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Individually, we have some characters on our hands this year.

There’s oddball Ivan who puts deodorant on his feet, unapologetically loud and proud Hayley and awkward introvert Connie, but who is their perfect match?

The couples are partnered based on their core values, personalities and hint of neuroscience and in a MAFS first, we also have our first same-sex couple on the show since marriage equality became legal in Australia.

So who have experts John Aiken, Dr Trisha Stratford and Mel Schilling set up and what will be the success rate for this year?

Keep scrolling for a list of all of this year’s couples!

(Image: Nine Network)

Poppy and Luke

They had a rocky start and finish: Poppy and Luke look picture perfect together but weren’t meant to be.

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NW’S NEVER HAVE I EVER: with Poppy from MAFS 2020

(Image: Nine Network)

Josh and Cathy

Struth! Josh and Cathy hit it off instantly, and they’re already a fan favourite couple.

(Image: Nine Network)

Natasha and Mikey

For the show’s alpha couple, the experts paired Natasha and Mikey but we don’t have high hopes for these two after their awkward wedding.

(Image: Nine Network)

Amanda and Tash

In a MAFS first, Amanda and Tash tied the knot in the show’s first same-sex ceremony since marriage equality was legalised.

(Image: Nine Network)

David and Hayley

They hit it off straight away but will David and Hayley go the distance?

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NTL’S TWO MINUTE SPEED DATE: with Hayley from MAFS 2020

(Image: Nine Network)

Chris and Vanessa

Talk about a picture perfect couple! Chris and Vanessa have stolen our hearts.

(Image: Nine Network)

Connie and Jonethen

Could Connie and Jonethen be this year’s MAFS success story?

(Image: Nine Network)

Aleks and Ivan

Two fiery Europeans with a sarcastic sense of humour: Aleks and Ivan could be a perfect match.

(Image: Nine Network)

Mishel and Steve

As the experiment’s most mature couple, we hope Mishel and Steve set a good example for the others.

(Image: Nine Network)

Michael and Stacey

And the award for the most awkward photo shoot goes to Michael and Stacey.

(Image: Nine Network)

Lizzie and Seb

Second time’s a charm right? Lizzie and Seb may be the real deal.

(Image: Nine Network)

KC and Drew

Dancing their way into forever? KC and Drew make a stunning couple.

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