Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: The Married At First Sight experts say Connie is the bride to watch this year

''She stands out, her story is a compelling one.''

By Alex Lilly
We're counting down the days until the Married At First Sight premiere, and according to the show's experts, the new bunch of contestants are going to be anything but boring.
But there's one bride who is most definitely looking for love and is, according to the trio, one to watch.
The experts say bride Connie is one of this season's stand-outs. (Image: Nine Network)
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, relationship expert John Aiken and neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford said that this year's contestants are going to be a little different to the brides and grooms of the previous season.
"I think the cast this year were quite confident and opinionated which gave it a different feel," Trisha tells Now To Love.
But when asked if there were any key contestants who were 100 per cent on the show to find The One, there was one bride who definitely encompassed that- 27-year-old Connie Crayden.
"She's shy and awkward and finds it very hard to find love and yet she was brave enough to put her hand up and come on the show," John explains.
"I think she's a really great example of someone who's incredibly genuine and vulnerable but gets out there."
Introvert Connie may be shy and awkward, but she's genuinely looking for love. (Image: Nine Network)
That said, Dr Trisha says that all the contestants, regardless of their personalities, are coming on the show to find love.
"It doesn't matter what you're like, whether you're confident or not confident, everyone deserves to find love," she says.
"Some are bit more shy, others forthright but she [Connie] certainly stands out, her story's a compelling one," John adds.
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In the promos, Connie confesses she wants to be married to not be alone anymore before telling her mum the news that she's appearing on the show.
After laughing, Connie's mum remarks "You haven't even got a boyfriend," and expert John says that one of the great things about MAFS is how they address with all sorts of relationships including family and friends.
"You're not just dealing with the couple, you're dealing with everyone around them. These are real life challenges that couples face and you get to see them on this experiment."
Even Tina Arena is Team Connie! (Image: Instagram @mafs)
Connie's story has already piqued the interest of MAFS fans, including songstress Tina Arena.
The Chains singer commented via Instagram, "You are so strikingly beautiful. You just haven't met the right person to share that beauty with, but you will...the moment YOU start to believe in YOURSELF, is the moment someone will believe in YOU!"
If she has Tina's backing, we can't wait to see what Connie brings to the experiment!