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Get ready for serious stalking: Here’s where to follow all of this year’s Married At First Sight contestants on Instagram

This bunch sure do love their selfies.
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Married At First Sight is back for another year and we’re counting down the days until February 3 when the premiere hits our screens.

And if you’re anything like us, you no doubt want to stalk this year’s contestants and scroll through their Instagram feeds for all the goss.

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Well you’re in luck, because we’ve tracked down all of this year’s brides and grooms on Instagram and there’s a lot to take in!

From near-naked selfies to perfect pouts, we have some great content at our fingertips so ahead of the explosive season, why not have a cheeky stalk?

Keep scrolling to get all the Insta info on this year’s MAFS contestants.

(Image: Instagram @aleks.markovic_)

Aleksandra Markovic

Aleksandra Markovic Instagram: @aleks.markovic_

(Image: Instagram @amanda_divinephysiques)

Amanda Micallef

Amanda Micallef Instagram @amanda_divinephysiques

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

Cathy Evans

Cathy Evans Instagram @summertanx

(Image: Instagram @chris_nicko_)

Chris Nicholls

Chris Nicholls Instagram @chrisnicko

(Image: Instagram @connie.crayden)

Connie Crayden

Connie Crayden Instagram @connie.crayden

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Meet Married At First Sight 2020 bride Connie

(Image: Instagram @dave_the_cowboy88)

David Cannon

David Cannon Instagram @dave_the_cowboy88

(Image: Instagram @hayleyvernon_)

Hayley Vernon

Hayley Vernon Instagram @hayleyvernon_

(Image: Instagram @ivansarakula)

Ivan Sarakula

Ivan Sarakula Instagram @ivansarakula

(Image: Instagram @jonethen)

Jonethen Musulin

Jonethen Musulin Instagram @jonethen

(Image: Instagram @joshyp_91)

Joshua Pihlak

Joshua Pihlak Instagram @joshyp_91

(Image: Instagram @lukeyeglin)

Luke Eglin

Luke Eglin Instagram @lukeyeglin

(Image: Instagram @mickygoonan)

Michael Goonan

Michael Goonan Instagram @mickygoonan

(Image: Instagram @mikeypembroke)

Mikey Pembroke

Mikey Pembroke Instagram: @mikeypembroke

(Image: Instagram @mishel_meshes)

Mishel Meshes

Mishel Meshes Instagram @mishel_meshes

(Image: Instagram @tashki_)

Natasha Spencer

Natasha Spencer Instagram @tashki_

(Image: Instagram @poppy__marie)

Poppy Marie

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Meet Married At First Sight 2020 bride Poppy

(Image: Instagram @staceylhampton)

Stacey Hampton

Stacey Hampton Instagram @staceylhampton

(Image: Instagram @steve_burley_)

Steven Burley

Steven Burley Instagram: @steveburley

(Image: Instagram @tashherz)

Tash Herz

Tash Herz Instagram @tashherz

(Image: Instagram @vanessaromito_)

Vanessa Romito

Vanessa Romito Instagram @vanessaromito_

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