Married At First Sight

WATCH: MAFS bride Poppy's answer to this interview question was an early clue that she would leave

We should've known!

By Alex Lilly
When we first saw that Married At First Sight trailer where bride Poppy Jennings famously joked about her ex-husband's terrible fall into his co-worker's vagina, we couldn't wait to see her on the show.
But in a shock twist, the 38-year-old photographer became the first to leave the experiment, after it all became too much and she couldn't bear being away from her two-year-old twins.
However, an unearthed video interview reveals there was a telling sign that Poppy would walk out.
We should've known Poppy wouldn't stay after watching this clip. (Image: Nine Network)
In a Two Minute Speed Date game with Now To Love, Poppy was asked an array of questions, ranging from her signature dish, to how her friends describe her.
But when asked what the best piece of advice she's ever received is, the mum-of-two quickly responded with: "Don't get married," followed quickly with, "Don't go on Married At First Sight!"
Now, if that's not a telling sign her MAFS journey would end in flames, we don't know what is.
Watch Poppy's full speed date in the video below. Post continues after video...
Poppy confessed that being away from her kids was "the hardest thing", and she didn't realise that it would affect her so much.
"I really really really thought that this was going to be finally the happy ending, meeting someone that was going to be a good dad to my kids and I was going to have that family because I deserve that," a tearful Poppy told the cameras.
"I'm really sad to leave the experiment, but I'm still really positive about finding love and I'm going to hope for the best," she added.
As a result, her on-screen husband Luke was also forced to leave the show, and despite being "devastated", understood how overwhelmed she must've been feeling.
"I had a hope for me and Poppy and I want a happy ending more than anything else," he confessed.
Things didn't look promising for Poppy from the very beginning. (Image: Nine Network)
Despite both parties initially voting to stay on the show, the mum-of-two told TV WEEK that she wanted to leave at the first commitment ceremony.
"[But] I felt really bad about how things had unfolded and I didn't want to leave on such bad terms," she explained.
Poppy went on to say that she had no regrets once she was reunited with her twin boys adding: "I don't regret that I left because as soon as I saw their faces I knew I did the right thing."
Poppy struggled being apart from her twin boys. (Image: Instagram @poppy__marie)
Despite being in daily contact with her twins during filming Poppy, who admits she's very attached to her sons, said that "even though there were days when I was FaceTiming and they didn't even care".
"It's been just me and them for such a long time. I tear up every time I talk about them."