Married At First Sight

MAFS bride Poppy's approval ratings have dropped dramatically after her premiere episode

''I had such high hopes.''

By Alex Lilly
Married At First Sight's seventh season has kicked off and even before the show aired, fans were all set to fall in love with bride-to-be Poppy.
The mum-of-two left audiences in stitches when she recounted her husband's "terrible fall" into his co-worker's vagina (where he's still stuck) but her popularity took a plummet after she had a freak out on her wedding day and lamented that she was leaving her twin toddlers behind.
Poppy's meltdown was not met with sympathy from MAFS fans. (Image: Nine Network)
"I'm definitely here to give it a shot," Poppy said during the premiere episode. "But I feel like when it comes to my kids, it's gonna be hard the whole way through."
Fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment over Poppy's meltdown remarking how much they liked her at first and how they had high hopes for the 38-year-old photographer.
Some even labelled her as immature and naive for not realising that the experiment would require her to be away from her children for a substantial amount of time.
"Did Poppy not consider she would have to leave the twins behind after I'm sure were weeks of auditions before she made it on the show?" one MAFS fan penned.
Others shared their sympathy for her on-screen husband Luke, a 38-year-old FIFO worker and dad to two teenage girls.
"I get where Poppy's head is right now, so I honestly feel terrible for her right now," Luke told the camera.
But just a few short moments later, the groom confessed, "I'm trying to be positive, I don't know how to take it I don't know what to do."
In a previous chat with TV WEEK, however, Poppy confessed that her meltdown was a result of not feeling that instant connection with Luke.
The mum-of-two added that her doubts arose the day before her wedding as she was by herself in a house in the Blue Mountains.
"All my guests were at a different hotel. I was on my own and I had all this time to think about it. I was actually messaging my friends saying, 'I can't do it.'"
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However, Poppy admitted that she never would've walked out of the experiment.
"I was never going to do that because that would just have been unfair to everyone," she told the publication.
Fingers crossed these two work it out!

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