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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Poppy Jennings reveals her pain at discovering her ex is expecting with his new partner

''That really upset me… I was mortified.''

By TV Week team
Poppy was devastated when her marriage ended when her twin boys were just six weeks old.
Now, the Married At First Sight bride reveals she's dealing with even more heartache: her ex-husband is having a baby with the woman he left her for.
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Poppy was left devastated from her previous marriage. Image: Channel Nine
"She's pregnant," Poppy, 38, tells TV WEEK. "That really upset me… I was mortified."
The photographer from Wollongong, NSW, was with her ex-husband for 10 years. She says, in hindsight, she could sense "something wasn't right" in the relationship towards the end of her pregnancy.
"Then I ended up in hospital for a month – I had pre-eclampsia," she adds. "They were basically just waiting until it was too dangerous to wait any longer and then they did an emergency caesarean."
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Poppy hadn't been home long with her newborn boys when her husband said he was leaving. That meant she was losing not only him, but his son from a previous relationship, who she'd helped raise from the age of five.
"It's really hard for me to even talk about him [her stepson] because he was in my life for such a long time – and now he's kind of not," she explains.
"I do see him when he sometimes comes to see the twins, but I don't have the kind of relationship with him I did when he was my actual stepson."
Poppy has her hands full with twins. Image: Instagram
Poppy decided to go on MAFS because she wanted her boys, now almost three, to grow up with two parents in a stable relationship. But one of the biggest issues was who would help look after them while she was filming the show.
"I literally only trust my mum," she says. "She's 70. Every time she looks after them when I work, I get back and she looks like she's just fought in Iraq.
"My family didn't want me to do it [go on MAFS]. They were like, 'You're going away for this amount of time, leaving Mum and the boys?' I felt so guilty."
Before she left, Poppy knew it would be tough to be apart from her sons.
"It's been just me and them for such a long time," she says. "I tear up every time I talk about them."
How will Poppy cope with being away from her beloved boys?
Poppy wants her boys to grow up with two stable parents. Image: Instagram

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