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From cheating scandals to THAT toothbrush story: All the deliciously juicy MAFS 2020 rumours

If you thought the wine-throwing last year was bad, just you wait.

By Alex Lilly
Married At First Sight and scandals go hand-in-hand, and in just the first week of the new 2020 season, we were hit with bombshell after bombshell.
In fact, bride Cathy has already spilled the reality TV beans, describing the show as "a circus" when asked if viewers should expect much drama this year.
Oh boy ...
Speaking to Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa program, Cathy also said that last year's red wine-throwing incident between Martha and Cyrell has nothing on the scandals this seas.
So, what else can we expect?
From something about a toothbrush and a toilet, to cheating and partner-swapping galore, we've delved into the rumours of this epic season and let's just say, we can't wait.
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Strap yourself in, we've got a lot to unpack. (Image: Nine Network)

Cheating galore

The girls may have made a pact to not sleep with each other's husbands at the hens night, but surprise surprise, that plan flew out the window this season.
Talking to Stav, Abbey and Matt on Hit 105 radio, bride Cathy (who is married to Josh) revealed: "Look, I'm going to vouch for it that the girl code was broken, definitely. And that's where drama followed, obviously."
On top of that, there's a rumour that Cathy (as in the same one who spilled about the cheating) is one of the brides to break that pact, after the Daily Mail shared a resurfaced teaser that shows her locking lips with Jonethen, who is with Connie. Let's hope that was just a sneaky play by Channel Nine to throw us off the scent.
But one cheater, named and shamed by NW, is blonde bombshell Stacey, who hooked up with another groom on what would've been her and Michael's first month anniversary.
"They had insane chemistry from the get-go, so no-one in production was surprised they hooked up," the source spilled. "But s**t really hits the fan when the rest of the cast finds out!"
We doubt Connie would be happy to hear her hubby's embroiled in a cheating scandal. (Image: Nine Network)

Stacey is this year's villain

While we're on the topic of Stacey, it appears she's the one to stir up the most drama - and the person who declared this news was none other than last season's villain, Jessika Power.
In an Instagram story, the former contestant shared a post defending her friend Hayley, who's starring on this season, claiming Stacey was gaslighting her.
"What I see here is a girl who's 25, gone on this show and just gaslighted the s--t out of [Hayley] who has actually worked her entire ass off to be fit, healthy and brought herself out of the darkest of places," Jessika wrote.
"All to be labelled and slandered by someone who is clearly insecure that someone may bag more 'air time' than her. [Stacey] even wrote to me that she thought she was the new 'me' on the show."
Is Stacey the 2020 Jessika Power? (Image: Nine Network)
But that's not all! One of Stacey and Hayley's co-stars on the new series replied to Jessika's story agreeing with her, but Jess hid the contestant's personal details when she reposted their response.
"Babe, you always see people's true colours eventually," the anonymous MAFS star wrote, seemingly siding with Jessika and Hayley against Stacey.
"More than three contestants from the 2020 [cast] have all confirmed my previous post. This year is going to be crazy. Strap yourselves in," added Jessika.
We've got our eye on you Stacey! (Image: Nine Network)

There was a two week break during filming

On the same radio show, Cathy was questioned about the rumour that there was a two week break in filming.
"We know the executive producer came out and said the show did stop?" the Hit 105 hosts asked the bride.
"Everyone didn't have a lot of respect for each other, or for the whole process," Cathy responded.
"Rules were being broken. For some of these people who were on there, they just weren't able to take it on board."
She added: "Small things like curfews, following the process of the way the show works. You need to talk about your relationship, and some people weren't able to go ahead and do that."
WATCH BELOW: Cathy plays Never Have I Ever. Post continues after video...

The truth behind toothbrush-gate

Ok, now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty.
MAFS will have arguably its biggest on-screen scandal yet and it all came to light after footage emerged of groom David scrubbing faeces off a toilet bowl with his wife Hayley's toothbrush!
Hayley, understandably, "found it completely vile", a close pal told NW. "Like, who the hell does that?! He's a disgusting human."
When pressed by the Daily Telegraph at the time of the report, David said he was forbidden from commenting, saying, "It was going to come out no matter what. It is something that is now regretted."
"I can't really comment," Hayley also said, adding, "I just prefer not to."
"It was going to come out no matter what. It is something that is now regretted." (Image: Nine Network)

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