Married At First Sight

All the signs that Married At First Sight's Aleks and Ivan are still together

We reckon these two could actually go the distance.

By Alex Lilly
Cam and Jules, Michael and Martha, Erin and Bryce: Married At First Sight only has three relationships that have translated into the real world in the history of the show.
But we're willing to put our money on one more couple from this season, and it's not who we were predicting.
From the moment he appeared in the trailers, Ivan Sarakula was painted as the quirky yet obnoxious villain, but when he and his bride Aleksandra 'Aleks' Markovic laid eyes on one another, we had a feeling the experts got it right.
It was love at first sight for Ivan. (Image: Nine Network)
On their wedding day, the two hit it off right away even though Aleks admitted Ivan with his light hair and clean-shaven face wasn't her usual type physically speaking.
"He's so opposite for what I usually go for, it's crazy," she said during the wedding episode. "But he's got this beautiful beautiful smile and he's so comforting. Like I feel really at ease when I'm standing next to him."
"She's beautiful, I felt a lot of comfort and warmth in her face," Ivan added in a piece to camera when asked about his first impressions of Aleks.
Both confessed that they're very similar with the same sarcastic, dry sense of humour with Aleks even calling Ivan the "male version" of herself.
Aleks and Ivan hit it off straight away on their wedding day. (Image: Nine Network)
The couple then enjoyed a lavish honeymoon at the Gold Coast's Palazzo Versace where they embraced their luxurious tastes and their bond grew even stronger.
But thanks to a few videos and interviews, we have a sneaking suspicion that Ivan and Aleks are still going strong in the real world.
In an exclusive video for Now To Love when asked who his favourite person to stalk on social media is, he replied, "I don't really do too much stalking, maybe Aleks."
And if that's not enough evidence, he was then questioned if he'd ever fallen in love at first sight and he replied, "With Aleks." Ok, that's pretty cute.
Watch the full video in the player below. Post continues after video...
The two didn't help their case when a couple of radio stations also noticed some signs that indicate they're still together.
During an interview with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, Aleks and Ivan kept schtum on all things about the current state of their relationship but the radio hosts said that when they arrived at the studios, they were holding hands and Ivan also called his "wife", baby.
Newcastle Triple M hosts Tanya and Steve also predicted the couple were still an item judging by the quality of the phone interview.
The two reportedly turned up to Nova radio studios holding hands. (Image: Nine Network)
"Even though we have you on two separate phone lines, you must be in front of each other because we just got an echo on your phone Aleks which tells us that you two are still together!" host Tanya said on air.
Ivan confirmed that they were sitting in front of another but Aleks said that we'd have to "wait and see for the outcome." That said, she did drop a clue by speaking in the present day.
"Yeah we're ok. We take the p--- out of each other and that's what our relationship's all about. I think if you don't have humour in life, you're not going to get very far."
Stay tuned folks!
Can these guys make it to the end? (Image: Nine Network)

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