Married At First Sight

Is Michael the Married At First Sight villain we (and the experts!) are failing to recognise?

While we were blaming Natasha for ''sex shaming'', one chaotic contestant is getting away with a lot.

By Alex Lilly
At the second Married At First Sight dinner party, we were hit with so much drama, it's hard to find somewhere to start.
Not only were Tash and Amanda close to breaking point, but we also saw a heated argument between Steve, Mishel and Michael, plus even more conflict when Michael told Mikey that Natasha had shared a few too many details about their sex life.
Notice one name in particular pop up a lot just now?
Michael took it upon himself to tell Mikey what Natasha had said about him. (Image: Nine Network)
During the Mikey and Natasha conflict, viewers were quick to chastise Natasha for speaking about private bedroom details, something Mikey has admitted he struggles opening up about.
"Mikey is really hurting, what a great wife Natasha is, exposing your husbands vulnerability. You keep your sex lives private!" one angry fan wrote on Twitter.
Yes, Natasha shouldn't have been chatting about Mikey and their sex life to everyone, even if it was a joke, but was it really Michael's "job" to tell Mikey?
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare yourselves please," Michael proudly said in a piece-to-camera.
"We're going to poke the beast now, we're going to get the wooden spoon out and we're going to make this dinner into a show."
And it seems like MAFS viewers aren't too impressed with his antics either.
Viewers also remarked that Michael was quick to chastise Steve for the way he speaks to Mishel, when Michael himself has referred to his own wife Stacey as "high maintenance" and "stupid."
"Did Michael really criticise Steve with the way he speaks to his wife? Michael comes home drunk and calls his Mrs every name under the sun," one person tweeted.
In an exclusive chat with TV WEEK, Stacey remarked that after the way Michael spoke to her on their honeymoon, she "just wanted to break down and cry. He ended up passing out."
"I've dealt with emotional abuse when people drink, and I can't deal with people who can't handle their alcohol. That was almost traumatic for me," she added.
Michael's drinking and behaviour has been a cause of concern for Stacey. (Image: Nine Network)
On their honeymoon, Michael even told the cameras that he "got a little bit wasted and was a bit of a d--- to Stacey."
"Stacey left him alone because he was drinking so much and she wanted an early night, and then he kept calling her a bimbo once she'd walked off," a source told the Daily Mail.
"He was also telling everybody how rich he is, how expensive his watch is, and how he doesn't need the show or Stacey."
WATCH BELOW: Michael and Stacey fight on their honeymoon. Post continues after video...
Speaking ahead of the dinner party, Michael reflected that "fires love fuel" and that the night would be "carnage", but rather than focus on his destructive words, the experts instead focused on his and Stacey's growing bond.
"These two are very much a team. When they're under attack and someone was having a go, they both were in each other's corner," John said after Michael and Steve's explosive argument.
Again, after Natasha confronted Michael, the experts chose to focus on the former, arguing that Natasha had a "real problem".
"She really has to try and get to Mikey and turn it around before the next commitment ceremony or this could be the final dinner party," they added.
"DP two I got your back if you got mine baby!" Michael captioned this snap on Instagram. (Image: Nine Network)
There has been some questionable behaviour on MAFS this season, but is Michael getting away with his chaotic behaviour just so he can stir the pot?
With his offensive language and lightening-quick mood swings, he's definitely a contestant to watch, and not necessarily for good reasons.

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