Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's David had a miraculous recovery from a severe spinal injury

''I was told that there was a 60 per cent chance I would never have the use of my legs return.''

By Alex Lilly
Married At First Sight contestants often have heartbreaking personal stories, but David Cannon's is nothing short of inspirational.
The 31-year-old former boxer suffered a debilitating spinal injury in 2016 and briefly became paraplegic but defied the doctors and made a full, miraculous recovery.
David suffered a debilitating spinal injury in 2016. (Image: Nine Network)
In January 2017, David took to Instagram to shared a before and after shot showing how much he had changed since being admitted to hospital.
Doctors told David that he would be housebound for six months and that life may return to normal after 18 months.
In one frame, David is lying in a hospital bed and on the right he is surrounded by weights in the gym looking considerably stronger and healthier.
"I was told that there was a 60 per cent chance I would never have the use of my legs return after I was briefly a paraplegic before the surgery. I was told I would never fight again. In the picture on the left I'm a fit 80kgs, the picture on the right I'm 100kgs and climbing," he wrote in his caption.
What a recovery! (Image: Instagram @dave_the_cowboy88)
But David defied the doctors' odds and even checked himself out of hospital to complete his own rehab, starting with drinking heaps of water to make him get up from his mattress and simply walk to the toilet.
Walks to the bathroom soon became walks to the letterbox and within three months he was walking around the block and bushwalking with his best mate Feeley.
"Thanks brother you never let me use my back as an excuse and always were firm but caring, at times literally holding my hand and taking some of my weight so I could complete a climb," he added in his caption.
David has since swapped the boxing ring for the farm and lives in Victoria with his two horses. And seeing as his Instagram handle is @dave_the_cowboy88, we have a feeling he's a fan of ranch life. Could he be this year's Mick Gould?
WATCH BELOW: Meet Mick Gould. Post continues after video...
Romance to David is all about fun, playfulness, sexuality, adventure and excitement, but his home life is quite the conservative one.
David's policeman dad and stay-at-home mum are traditional Christians and David confessed he applied as a joke to stir his mum up, but it all ended up ok in the end.
"Mum was quite shocked obviously when she found out that I was going on MAFS, but ultimately they're very supportive of anything I've ever done," he told Channel Nine.
David's parents are traditional Christians. (Image: Instagram @dave_the_cowboy88)
Though this is David's first "marriage", it's not his first serious relationship.
The 31-year-old truck driver was engaged but the two went their separate ways when he was just 19-years-old.
After enduring the "vicious circle" of dating apps, will the self-confessed sook find love on MAFS?

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