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EXCLUSIVE: Why Married At First Sight’s Tash and Natasha didn’t attend the girls’ night and were forced to flee the country

Producers paid the controversial brides to go to Bali.
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This article was published in a previous issue of Woman’s Day that was published on February 24 2020.

Just last week, Natasha Spencer told Woman’s Day she has “no shame” in admitting she’s undergoing psychological treatment following her intense time on TV’s biggest social experiment.

Now, an on-set spy reveals the extent of her mental health crisis. According to the insider, the production team were so concerned for her wellbeing that the financial analyst was banned from filming.

“It all got too much for her – she wasn’t coping in the experiment and with what was going down between certain contestants. It was decided she shouldn’t be on camera,” says the insider.

The star was allowed to take one bride with her to Bali, with Natasha picking lesbian Tash to go with her.

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“During filming, producers organised a girls’ night out for all the brides to catch up over drinks. It was supposed to be something fun, following weeks of drama.

But Natasha wasn’t allowed to attend,” says the spy, who says production kept Natasha in her apartment.

“She was told she wouldn’t be needed on set” says the source.

“It honestly made her more anxious, but they felt it was best for her.”

Natasha was then sent on a luxury Bali holiday to help her “overcome” her angst.

The troubled bride posted a series of images of her partying in Bali during filming last year.

(Credit: Instagram)

“It was an all-expenses retreat!” dishes the spy. “Flights, accommodation, cocktails… you name it, the show paid for it!”

It’s believed the brunette beauty was allowed to pick someone from the show to join her on the break. “She chose Tash Herz to come along,” says the insider.

“They became very close, and given what was going on with her and Amanda, it felt right to her.”

The pair are said to have spent a week soaking up the sun on their break from filming.

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Vanessa and Natasha’s cat fight that producers couldn’t air!

Vanessa Romito has been open about her lack of self-esteem, but Woman’s Day hears the 31-year-old has certainly learned to stand up for herself.

According to a source, Vanessa was involved in a verbal attack aimed at Natasha after simmering tensions left the brides fuming.

“Vanessa had it in her head that [Natasha] had a thing for Chris. Things descended into chaos when Natasha stroked Chris’ arm,” says the insider.

“Vanessa was just on edge the entire time. Chris couldn’t go out for a drink without her firing up.”

The source adds their catfight was deliberately cut from the show after it was deemed too intense.

Vanessa lashed out at Natasha after thinking Natasha was hitting on husband, Chris.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Will ‘expert’ John quit for good?

Amid lies and betrayals, this season is fast becoming one of the most controversial yet, and one participant who has asked to remain anonymous, tells Woman’s Day there’s growing doubts relationship expert John Aiken will be back next year.

“After David put poo on Hayley’s toothbrush, things became very heated on set – everyone was very emotional,” says the participant. “John was beside himself….why would he come back next year after all this? To be honest, he’s going to need therapy after this season!”

It’s not the first time MAFS relationship experts John, Mel Schilling and Dr Trisha Statford have been rumoured to be on the verge of quitting.

This year fans have been relentless in expressing their disapproval with the show’s matches.

“Surely the experts’ horrible success rate says enough about why they should be dumped,” wrote one angry viewer.

The marriage ‘experts’ including John, Mel and Trish have once again come under fire.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

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