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Married at First Sight shakeup! Fans call to replace experts in 2020

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It's no secret that that our dearest Married at First Sight experts have had a little bit of trouble, well, experting.
In fact, some would say – and this could all be in the editing – that their job on the show is completely void and unnecessary.
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From wearing pointless lab coats to one-sided couple counselling to completely missing TWO massive affairs taking place, their presence this has season has felt a little forced.
And naturally, fans of the show have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.
"#mafs experts are actually the s---est 'experts' ever!," one fan wrote on Twitter.
"I would NEVER go to these so called experts for marriage advice if they would KNOW my partner was cheating on me and sit there and enable it!!
"The only thing they're experts in is how to get views! Gtfoh [sic]".
But it's WHO the fans want to see replace John Aitken, Trisha Stratford and Mel Schilling as new experts that is quite surprising.
Mel Schilling, Trisha Stratford and John Aiken aren't too popular this season! (Source: Channel 9)
On Monday's episode, we were introduced (properly) to Mike Gunner's father, Bob – a gorgeous man who had been with his wife Michelle for fifty-three years.
During a family lunch, Mike and his wife, Heidi Latcham openly "discussed" their relationship with Mike saying: "Heidi, let's be real. If this is marriage – I don't want it. I'm out"
Talking the only sense we've heard from anyone this entire season, Bob told the cameras:
"I think the relationship is at a very dangerous stage at the moment to be honest," he said.
"They've both got their shackles up, they're finding fault with each other, without reason."
Mike's father Bob Gunner is a popular choice to be a new expert! (Source: Channel 9)
And then to his son and "daughter-in-law" he told an anecdote about how he and his wife, after all of this time, still have trouble communicating.
"There's no such thing as a perfect marriage," Bob told them. "There's no such thing as a perfect person. You're expecting too much too soon from each other, basically.
"Don't expect a solution today.
"You've both got a long way to go to work through this relationship before you'll find each other. The true relationship between each other…it takes years!"
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Twitter was set alight with calls for Bob to replace the "so-called experts".
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Earlier on in the season we also saw Mel Schilling raked over the coals for blasting Bronson Norrish (remember him?!).
After labelling his wife a "c--t" during a commitment ceremony in the first few weeks of the experiment, expert Mel Schilling cautioned him over his language.
"When you use language like that in relation to a woman, how do you expect her to respond to you? A tip from me to you: Don't use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship," she said.
But fans took to social media to express their outrage over Mel's actions, pointing out that Bronson was simply taking a stand against wife Ines' long-running taunts and while it might not have been the best choice of words, Ines is a bully.
The backlash towards expert Mel reached fever pitch with an online petition calling for her to "be sacked or apologise" and within two days clocked up 27k signatures. Now it sits at over 67k.
"Married at first sight so called expert Mel Schilling lashes out at Bronson for using foul language. This so called psychologist is a biased feminist who has made it clear that she thinks it's okay for a woman to behave the way Ines does," the petition reads.
"Bronson has been a victim of her verbal and emotional abuse all week, and the second he decides its enough 'expert' Mel comes in and says he shouldn't be using that language. The thing is, Ines is exactly what he said, a nasty, abusive piece of work."
"Mel needs to make a formal apology or be sacked from the show. The show doesn't need one sided feminists as an 'expert.'"
A petition was created to sack Mel and has garnered over 67k signatures! (Source: Channel 9)
After the incident, Network executive producer John Walsh also addressed the matter in a statement, which read: "There were 12 women in the room that night and a man used language that was highly insulting and inflammatory in reference to his wife.
"Mel acted in the only way appropriate by calling out the language -- language that is not ever considered acceptable anywhere, anytime.
"We are shocked at the backlash Mel has received for defending another woman."
It's unclear what will happen with the experts next year – but if they are doing more than what is shown, perhaps a change in the editing process is needed?