Married At First Sight

Wait, they're over already?! Here's the proof that MAFS' Mikey Pembroke and Natasha Spencer have already split up

Well, that was fast ...

By Rebecca Sullivan
A brand new season of Married At First Sight has only just begun, but it seems we already have our first couple split, with Mikey Pembroke and his bride Natasha Spencer reportedly already calling it quits.
While Mikey, 29, was enamoured with Natasha on their wedding day, the stunning 26-year-old was a no-show during a radio appearance the couple were scheduled to attend together on Wednesday morning.
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Mikey was forced to do his couple's interview on Nova's Fitza and Wippa program all on his own, spending most of the chat making excuses for his new bride.
When asked why his wife was not with him, Mikey awkwardly replied: "Mate, she's not here at the moment. Don't know why she couldn't make it. We catch up later today on the Today Show but yes, what a wedding ... very interesting to say the least."
Host Fitzy then asked Mikey if Natasha "got up when you got up this morning?", to which Mikey replied: "I'm not sure. I mean, yes! I've let her sleep in and I'm doing the work."
Mikey and Natasha pictured embracing on their wedding day. Channel Nine
But host Fitzy wouldn't let Mikey off the hook, and again pointed out the obvious elephant in the room - Natasha's very pointed absence.
"You've come into the studio by yourself this morning, so all signs show us that you're not with Natasha," he said.
Yet Mikey denied the break-up claims, saying: "I'm just letting Natasha sleep in this morning. She was a bit tired."
The couple shared a sweet kiss during their wedding reception. Channel Nine
So, what exactly went wrong?
Mikey said he had asked the experts on MAFS to match him with a bride who was the total opposite of women he has dated in the past, and he suggested that Natasha did not meet up to his requirements.
"I asked for someone that I've never had before. I've done the Sydney scene [but] she's obviously from down the road," Mikey said, hinting that Natasha was from the same social set as his ex-girlfriends.
Speaking of his most recent ex, fitness star Katie Williams, Mikey said: "She was blonde and Instagrammer and Tash is a bit of an Instagrammer. I wanted someone who is going to challenge me, someone who I would call not high maintenance, and even Natasha said there's a high maintenance side to her."
But Mikey admitted it "could have been a lot worse" and acknowledged his physical attraction to Natasha.
"She's a very attractive lady," he said.
Mikey thought Natasha looked "beautiful" when she walked down the aisle. Instagram
Mikey says Natasha is not the sort of woman he asked the experts to pair him with. Instagram
As for any rumours that he hooks up with another one of the brides, Mikey says those reports are false.
"I don't hook up with any of them!" he insisted.
Though he did admit Hayley caught his eye!
"There's a lot of attractive people ... when we get to the first dinner party, in terms of looks wise, I actually found Hayley quite attractive," he said.
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Mikey said that eventually, Natasha's "true colours" would be revealed.
"This show, everyone's going to see your true colours and it was a true depiction of how the wedding went," Mikey said.
"This is only one per cent of our story and you're going to see heaps more as it heats up.
"Everyone gets off to a good start. It's just interesting to see how it's all going to unravel."
We cannot wait for the drama to unfold!