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Married At First Sight's Jules Robinson is becoming an expert on the show

Move over Mel!

Earlier this month, Married At First Sight relationship expert Mel Schilling had fans guessing if she'd return to the 2020 season or not after she teased TV opportunities in the UK.
And with a petition to have Mel sacked hanging over her head, it appears Jules is ready to take her spot!
A friend of the bride-to-be tells Woman's Day she's being considered for the role.
"Jules is very self-aware and knows how much the public love them, so she'll happily use that to her advantage," says the friend.
"An ideal situation for her would be appearing on TV… be it guest appearances or full-time, she's ready for it."
In fact she and hubby-to-be Cam Merchant have signed with The MGMT – one of Sydney's most lucrative talent agencies. So watch this space!
WATCH: Cam proposes to Jules. Post continues...
Early on in this season of MAFS, expert Mel Schilling was slammed for her response to Bronson Norrish when he called his wife Ines Basic a "c--t" during a commitment ceremony.
"When you use language like that in relation to a woman, how do you expect her to respond to you? A tip from me to you: Don't use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship," she said.
Viewers took to social media to express their outrage over Mel's actions, pointing out that Bronson was simply taking a stand against wife Ines' long-running taunts, with an online change.org petition calling for her to "be sacked or apologise." Within two days, the online petition had clocked up 27k signatures.
Is expert Mel Schilling leaving Married At First Sight? (Image: Channel Nine)
While fellow Married At First Sight participants have struggled to bring in the dollars – with many forced to quit their jobs – "Australia's sweethearts" Cam and Jules are said to be making it rain.
Woman's Day previously reported that one source close to the couple revealed they wrangled themselves a huge pay cheque for their engagement party and that they eventually cut a deal with Today and Nine News worth a staggering $50,000!
The source said the hefty payout allowed the network to attend and film the event, which saw the large presence of camera crews, reporters and network publicists, who were given a tight deadline to get the story ready for the following morning.
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