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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Natasha Spencer’s sex tape confession!

The controversial star says she's been subjected to vile abuse online ever since a sex tape was leaked online.
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She’s made no secret of the fact that she’s worked as a scantily clad bikini model, but bride Natasha Spencer has found herself at the centre of a vicious sex tape scandal that’s threatening to derail her life!

Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day, the brunette beauty, 26, holds back tears as she reveals a former lover has left her “feeling gutted”, thanks to his reckless decision to share a video online of her nude and cuddling up to her one-time lover.

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Natasha has said she’s been left “devastated” after a one-time lover leaked a nude video of her onto social media.

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“I was first notified of the video circulating last week. A close friend of mine who works in construction told me the video was being passed around by tradies,” reveals Natasha, adding she’s become a panicky and anxious mess over the situation.

She says she’s been subjected to vile abuse online with trolls labelling her a ‘MAFS s—‘.

While Natasha’s been left devastated by the situation, she insists she’s not surprised.

“I’ve faced this sort of sexism in the corporate world. On the surface women are encouraged to embrace their sexuality and to not be embarrassed of enjoying sex but the minute we do… we’re torn down,” she explains.

The star, who has admitted to seeking treatment for her mental health post filming, has since reported the incident to the police.

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The optimistic financial adviser hopes her situation can be an example to girls to stop them from getting in front of the camera during sex.

“It’s absolutely a warning to everyone, don’t do it! By all means enjoy sex, get what you want, but don’t get behind the camera!” she declares.

Agreeing to walk down the aisle on the country’s most provocative reality TV program was a big decision for the bride, but this is something she never saw coming.

“I knew there would be interest in my personal life, but this has gone too far,” says Natasha.

She reveals she’s asked Endemol Shine, the company that produces the ratings juggernaut, to provide her with psychological support.

Natasha maintains she has no shame in admitting she’s had to seek treatment for her mental health post filming. NSW police are now investigating the matter.

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