Farmer Dean exited FWAW 2024 early with Teegan, but do they remain together?

One down, four to go.
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From the very beginning, Farmer Dean was head over heels for Teegan in Farmer Wants A Wife. After a mere six episodes, the watermelon farmer laid it all on the line for the girl of his dreams.

For everyone outside of Dean and Teegan, their chemistry was obvious – with one girl exiting FWAW due to their clear connection – but they, however, were oblivious.

Unfortunately, this passionate love was short lived as Dean revealed during the reunion they had gone their separate ways.

Soon after their departure, Teegan moved to live on the farm and admitted to host Samantha Armytage that their relationship “progressed pretty quickly.”

“Its so good coming home at night to someone you love and are excited to see,” Dean said.

Due to this, it was a huge shock when the farmer revealed: “We decided to go our separate ways.” It wasn’t only a “shock” to fans, but to Dean as well.

Feeling completely isolated, Teegan felt she could no longer continue the relationship.

While we mourn the break up of Dean and Teegan, continue scrolling to read more on their FWAW journey.

Dean felt very conflicted.
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Only three girls remained during the second dinner, and Dean was faced with the difficult decision of choosing which girl to send home. A decision he didn’t make at all as he drove away and wasn’t seen for 24 hours.

The pressure was on for Dean as his suitors questioned his commitment to exploring other connections. But Dean returned with a mission – to tell the girl of his dreams he loves her.

Unfortunately, Bella and Tiffany left the farm and despite these difficult conversations, Dean remained “so excited” to confess his love to Teegan.

Dean and the producers set up a cute date.
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And Dean was a undercover romantic, as he set up a “surprise” date in the barn decorated with cushions, candles, and flowers.

“Teegan, as soon as we locked eyes I was like ‘woah, holy – she’s a stunner’ and I was so excited to meet you,” he confessed. “There’s been a massive connection between us ever since day dot really. Along the journey we’ve seem to grow, and grow our connection, obviously that’s what I came here to do.

“It’s the right time. Teegan, I have fallen in love with you. I want this journey in between me and you to start.”

Dean and Teegan have found love.
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There wasn’t a doubt in Teegan’s mind as she revealed: “I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt about our future on the farm together and bringing kids up. From the moment I stepped on the farm, it truly just felt like home… I’m definitely falling in love with you.”

“I do think Teegan could be my soulmate,” Farmer Dean admitted.

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