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MAFS wives gone wild! The brutal fight that was too violent to show on TV

''They were acting like a pack of rabid dogs!''
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It’s official – the MAFS cast have had it with each other, with the clashing personalities coming to a head during the boozy girls’ and boys’ nights.

In fact, NW hears things got so heated – at one point, almost physical! – that producers were forced to leave most of the footage on the cutting room floor as the antics were just too shocking, even by MAFS standards.


“From glasses being broken to cussing at each other, to say it was a wild night would be the understatement of the year,” a show insider tells NW.

“They were all acting like a pack of wild dogs. It was disgusting.”

Connie Crayden explains to NW that the drama began following an argument Hayley Vernon had with Lizzie Sobinoff.

With Hayley having left the experiment before Lizzie entered as an intruder, it was the first time the pair met – and they butted heads almost immediately.

“I was between them with my head in my hands – it was terrifying,” says Connie, adding that she was “petrified” someone was going to get physically injured.

Things went down between Hayley, Stacey and Lizzie to the point where some of the other women feared for their own safety!

(Source: Nine)

”Lizzie just went in on Hayley, she was seriously so intense it freaked out the entire crew and other brides!” a source tells NW.

(Source: Nine)

When Stacey Hampton began boasting about her kids, “Hayley turned around and said, ‘Nobody asked you to push two kids out of your tw*t.’ And that’s when Lizzie got in Hayley’s face,” claims Connie.

“She went nuts and was out of control! Glasses were being smashed. Hayley even grabbed onto Lizzie and sort of pushed her.”

Eventually, both women were escorted off the premises by security, while it’s rumoured cops also got involved.

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While Lizzie is hugely popular with viewers at home, it’s clear there is little love lost between the intruder and her fellow brides this season.

“None of us were fans,” says one bride.

“I hope they show her attacking the girls! It’s on camera. But [the audience] loves her, so they probably won’t.

“I have no words. It takes a lot for me to not like people, but Lizzie is just not kind, nice or genuine!”

Lizzie has admitted she was “appalled” by her behaviour during the season, but believes “Hayley’s behaviour was revolting too”.

”Mishel was trying to be the mediator, and when production saw she was trying to diffuse the situation, producers took her out of the situation so they could have more drama,’ an industry insiders shares.

(Source: Nine)

Not to be outdone, the grooms had some issues of their own, with Michael Goonan going off at Ivan Sarakula for the “cowardly way” he exited the show.

“Ivan spent the night defending himself,” a second source spills.

“There’s also a rumour going around that two of the guys had one-night stands, as did one of the brides!”

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