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MAFS: Mike goes full ‘Mike’ on boys’ night and teases Dino about his sex life

“Be a man about it, just take it!”
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In tonight’s episode of Schoolies Gone Wild, we mean Married At First Sight, our couples split up in to separate boys’ and girls’ nights for a wild evening out on the Gold Coast.

While girls’ night is sure to heat up thanks to Ines’ affair with Elizabeth’s husband Sam, boys’ night is looking rather enjoyable for all the lads on tour.

But even though it seems all the men are having fun on their night out, viewers have once again been left less than impressed by the show’s resident advice-giver Mike.

At the best of times Mike can be described as well-intentioned, but at the worst of times… he’s barking at his wife that he’s not a therapist because she tells a two minute story. Yeah, he’s really… something.

This looks like the cover art for a straight-to-DVD The Hangover 7 sequel.

Tonight, at girls’ night, Jessika revealed she felt pressured by Heidi’s husband Mike, to have sex with her husband Mick. A shocked Heidi said she would talk about it with her husband, adding that he just tries to fix everyone else’s problems.

Moments later, viewers were treated to footage of Mike trying to ‘fix’ another ‘problem’ by harassing Dino for details on his sex life with Mel.

“Are you attracted to Mel? You need to make it happen now,” he told Dino, who responded saying he wants to take “baby steps.”

Not done, Mike continued to ‘encourage’ Dino.

“This is a girl that’s not had love made to her in ten years, that’s a long time,” he declared. “My prediction is that if you make sweet love to her… she is waiting for this. Just strike while the iron is hot. Do you know what I mean? Be a man about it, just take it.”

Oh, you’re wondering what that sound was? It was thousands of people throwing up in their mouths.

“Be a man about it, just take it,” says 44-year-old “single and I don’t know why” guy Mike.

“You’re taking baby steps, it’s time to walk,” he continued. “I think it would benefit the relationship, having a physical component. Enough said, mic drop, I’m out.”

Despite Dino standing up for himself to Mike, and saying that he was enjoying taking things slowly, Mark also stood up at the table to go chant “Slam her! Slam her!” in Dino’s ear.

Who me? Charmed by the incredible selection of single men on this show? Why, yes.

Honestly same, Dino.

MAFS viewers were not exactly impressed by Mike’s continuous need to give unsolicited advice to other participants about their sex lives.

Here’s hoping Mike can reign in the advice for a few episodes, or, at the very least, cop another skewering from the show’s love experts.

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