Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight's Mike proves why he is still single at 44

''It's given me a lot of freedom...''

By Anita Lyons
One of the best parts of Married at First Sight is finding out why our brides and grooms are single.
And while some of the stories are no laughing matter, in the case of Mike Gunner - we have a very hard time relating to his "misfortune".
"Of the thousands of people that applied, one guy that really stood out for me was 44-year-old Mike," Mel Schilling, psychologist and MAFS expert said.
And we can't but help agree with her.
On one hand, he's chiselled, clearly looks after himself and has a very sexy Australian accent... But on the other hand, he opens his mouth and says words.
Mike, who is paired with blonde radio personality, Heidi Latcham in the hit series, knows all too well the reasons he is single and so with this, we dissect our new friend Mike, and help him point out the big red relationship flags that are billowing in the wind.
Mike Gunner. Single. 44. (Source: Channel 9)

He's an electrician, so this gives him a lot of freedom

Hailing from Queensland, Mike is an electrician by trade, and while this job in itself is completely respectable, it's the way he uses the said job.
"Ya know, it's given me a lot of freedom. I've been able to travel and be self-employed as well," he reveals. Well that's a plus...
But then: "I've always had a lot of attention from girls," Oh. "You know that's not a bad thing."
And he's not wrong, until he says this: "[There's a lot of] Staying in hostels and meeting women half my age." Oh.
Can you see the Union Jack tattoo? (Source: Channel 9)

He's very social...with his mates

Mike doesn't like to sit around "wasting time".
"You know, I'm a social guy," He says while cheering beers with all of his bros... and mate, this feels like some serious time wasting.
In fact, we're not sure what he thinks "wasting time" is - but just sitting around sinking beers with the boys feels like the definition.
And we're all for a boys or girls night - but ideally, if you're picking up chicks half your age, and then just kicking back with da bois - we may have a little iss-ue on our hands.
And then there's the "we can get loose, yeh?" comment he throws out to da bois.... and no, you cannot get loose at the age of 44 in ALL of your spare time if you want to find a wife.
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Mike doesn't like to sit around and "waste time". (Source: Channel 9)

He's exhausted by all the heartbreak

"He knows who he is and he knows what he wants in a relationship," Mel says when he's describing him. "Yes, he's highly confident but also there seems to be a little bit of arrogance and a little bit of showing off. It's been a challenge for him to have a long-term relationship." And dah, Mel!
But Mike is ready to change, aren't you Mike? Because do you know what you guys? Mike is EXHAUSTED by all the millions of hearts he has broken. EXHAUSTED!
"I cannot break another heart," he says and cough.
"Middle age is different to being single in your twenties and thirties. It's lonely. I don't want to be a 50-year-old single man."
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Mike doesn't want to be a single 50-year-old man. (Source: Channel 9)
All jokes aside, Mike is ready to settle down with the right girl who can "capture his heart and his imagination".
So will Heidi be that person? And will they follow in the footsteps of their fellow cast mates, Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, who clearly are head over heels?
It certainly looks that way so far...
With the pair being smitten from the get go - physically and in personality - we're hoping that Heidi will be the one to change him.
And if not, she can take the billowing red flags and dance around with them until she gets bored.
Mike and Heidi at their wedding. Is it love at first sight? (Source: Channel 9)