Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Lizzie Sobinoff reveals why she came back for more despite last year's disaster

Last year’s unluckiest bride gets a second shot at happiness on MAFS this week.

By Helen Vnuk
After her disastrous experience with Sam on Married At First Sight last year, viewers might wonder why Lizzie is putting herself through it all again.
"Everyone saw me being spoken about in not a flattering manner, cheated on and totally disregarded and gaslighted," Lizzie tells TV WEEK. "So everyone's like, 'Why would you go back?'
"But I didn't get to meet anyone. I feel like I went through such a hard time. I want another shot."
The 28-year-old from Sydney has found that going on MAFS has made normal dating "so hard". She's suspected some men have wanted to go out with her just to boost their profiles.
"You go, 'They're using me. What are they doing?'"
Other men, after seeing her on television, have expected her to be "a psycho".
"People get very disappointed, because they think I'm going to be very in-your-face. And then when I'm not, they go, 'Oh, you're not that interesting.'"
Elizabeth Sobinoff and "ex-husband" Sam Ball from MAFS 2019. Source: Channel Nine
At one point, she even found herself going back to her ex, because he was "safe".
"He knew me for a long time, so it was like, 'Maybe we'll give it another go,"' she says. But there was a reason he was an ex."
This time around, when it comes to what she wants in a groom, Lizzie declares she isn't asking for much.
"Just give me someone decent, someone who actually will be kind and gentle," she says. "That's kind of sad, but that's all I ask for – just be kind to me."
WATCH BELOW: Lizzie makes an empowering speech on MAFS after being fat-shamed. Story continues below...
Lizzie and Sam's union was disastrous. Source: Channel Nine
But if things go horribly wrong for her again, Lizzie says she's prepared for it.
"Last year, I think I had everything that could ever be thrown at someone thrown at me throughout the process," she says. "If it were to happen again, I'm pretty sure I could handle it.
"I'm a hopeless romantic."
Lizzie says she's more prepared this year if things go horribly wrong. Source: Channel Nine

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