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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Lizzie spills on her incredible 10kg weight-loss and why she’s happy at any size

Wowza! The MAFS queen dishes on her new rig and 10 kg weight loss!
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Let’s be real, most women wouldn’t love the idea of rocking a bikini in the middle of winter in front of a photographer and a roomful of strangers. Not so for Lizzie Sobinoff!

The Married At First Sight star jumped at the chance – and straight into a teeny size-eight bikini! – to embrace her inner Wonder Woman and flaunt her fierce AF curves for NW.

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“I love my body… at any size,” the 28-year-old tells us.

Lizzie’s recently lost almost 10kg, but here she shares the real reason why she slimmed down and explains how she learned to love her banging bod no matter what the fat-shamers say (hello, Sam!). Preach, sister!

Just look at that gorgeous smile and killer curves!

(Source: NW)

Hey, Lizzie! You look incredible. How have you done it?

This is not about, “Hey, look at me, I’ve lost weight and now I’m happy.”

I think I always look fabulous. I’ve thought that when I weighed 49kg and when I’ve weighed 90kg. I want women to realise that we’re all so much more than a number on a scale. So, yes, I’ve lost some weight since I was a “huge” size 10 when I was on MAFS, but that doesn’t mean I’m any “better” now, just because I’m slimmer.

I’m actually dealing with some health conditions that cause my weight to fluctuate. I may gain weight again and that’s OK. The most important thing is that I’ve always been mentally strong.

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Did someone say “Wonder Woman”?

(Source: NW)

You do look very different from your time on MAFS though…

I’m a 178cm-tall girl who loves heels, and on the show I was surrounded by 165cm girls. I’m curvy, too, so of course I looked bigger. But I was actually only a size 10 when I was on MAFS and I’ve lost around 10 kilos since then.

You mentioned your health – what are you dealing with?

I have a type of auto-immune condition similar to lupus and I have porphyria, a blood disorder. The combination of my conditions means my weight fluctuates and I have to eat a high-carb diet to manage, especially when I’m busy. When I don’t need to eat so many carbs, my weight drops. I’m not playing a sympathy card though. I work, I see my friends and I live my life.

I’m all about being strong and not letting any one aspect of my life – or my health – define me.

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Boom! Lizzie is rockin’ this bikini!

(Source: NW)

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I’m like, “I’m as fine as hell!” I look at my curves – whatever size they are – and I’m like, “Hey, girl!” I refuse to give haters or fat-shamers any time. They cannot hurt me.

Amen! What part of your body do you love the most?

I love my flat stomach and waist, but I love that I’ve got a booty too. I also really love my hourglass hips!

Have you always been this body confident?

I’ve never been self-conscious. I put that down to my parents who encouraged me to love myself for who I am and embrace what makes me unique. I’ve never felt like I have to justify myself or my size because it’s so against what I stand for. I don’t get it when people – especially recently when I lost this weight – said to me, “Oh, you look great, we love you!” I’m like, “Excuse me? You love me because I’ve lost weight? What the hell?”

You were very publicly fat-shamed on MAFS by your groom Sam Ball. How did you deal?

It happened to me on national TV, but it happens to women every single day in real life. I’m glad it happened to me because I was strong enough to take it. Some of the other girls on the show were quite insecure, so I’m glad that it was me because I’ve heard it all before.

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So it’s a case of “Sam who?” for you! What about Cyrell Paule? You guys recently had a falling out…

I don’t have any issue with Sam. I don’t even know him. Cyrell is hard – we’re no longer friends. I loved her with all my heart, so losing her feels like a real break-up. I don’t want to say too much about why… but she knows why.

Are you dating anyone?

No. I was seeing someone earlier this year. We’d been together before but the butterflies had gone so it ended. I’ve still never been in love – but I’m looking!

What kind of guy are you looking for?

My very own superhero! He’s got to love me for me – and he’s got to appreciate how lucky he is to get me!

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