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EXCLUSIVE PICS: MAFS' Michael and Martha get steamy in new photos

And talk marriage, babies and the mile high club!

By NW team
When NW catches up with lovebirds Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, it's a chilly 12 degrees outside our Sydney studio – but inside it's hot. And we mean HAWT!
The reality-TV couple tied the knot during the most recent season of Married At First Sight and have been glued together ever since.
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"What can I say? Michael and I are still in the honeymoon stage," laughs Martha, 31. "I mean, look at him!" Woah, get a room, guys!
But first, let's talk about sex (hello, mile high club!), getting married for real and naming their future son, er, Psalm Kalifatidis-Brunelli?!
This is one genetically blessed couple! (Source: NW)
You guys are looking ridiculously hot – what's your secret?
Martha: That would be telling, wouldn't it?! We get a lot of exercise... but we don't go to the gym together. I have my own trainer who I see every morning and Michael does his own thing.
Michael: She wouldn't let me train with her, no way!
Are you two living together now?
Martha: No, but I'm back in Melbourne and I'm living at my parents'. I'm not happy about it. My mum and I are struggling to co-exist.
Michael: They love each other, really, but they bicker a lot! Luckily, her family love me.
Is it hard for you to be intimate if you're living at home?
Martha: No, because Michael has his own place – with a housemate – nearby and I'm at his place most nights. He can stay at my parents' place too, but now that he's cleaned up his room, we mostly stay over at his. We manage!
They are completely smitten! (Source: NW)
You mentioned you're still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship. What does that mean for you two?
Michael: Everything has been so easy and natural for us. We've been together almost nine months now – our MAFS wedding was last September – and I think it's worked because we haven't put any pressure on ourselves.
Martha: Because we're so sure of ourselves as a couple, there's no pressure on the relationship having to work. It's awesome between us in every way and really easy.
What turns you on about each other?
Martha: When we first met, I loved that he was really tall, but he looked really young. Now that he's got the buzz cut and the facial hair going on, I can't keep my hands off him! He has a really great body too. I mean, look at his arms, his shoulders...
Michael: Martha's the whole package. She's beautiful, but I'm not going to lie, I first noticed her cleavage! Now, I'm obsessed with her hands. They're so soft.
Do you have any plans on making your relationship more official?
Michael: Martha's yiayia [grand-mother] would like us to make it more official. She's already knitting baby clothes!
Martha: We talk about having kids all the time. He's already picked out baby names, but I feel like I'd have to meet my child before deciding on a name.
Love is certainly in the air with these two! (Source: NW)
Will you call them something like Psalm or North, à la Kimmy K?
Michael: I like more unusual names. I've got a few I like...
Martha: Um, hello, do I get a say? If I'm going to push a baby out of this body, I get to name it! I might meet her and be like, "Hey, Molly!" Or maybe, "Hey, Psalm!" I don't think so, but you never know.
Martha, will you be taking Michael's last name?
Martha: I'm quite attached to my name. He gets called Mr Kalifatidis all the time, so he should take mine!
Michael: I also get called Matt. I don't think we'd hyphenate our names because that would be crazy long.
Are you expecting a big, fat proposal anytime soon, Martha?
Martha: When he does it, it will be like, "Hey, babe, I got you a ring. It's over there in the bottom drawer!" We've done the big elaborate wedding so when we marry for real, it will have a very different vibe."
Michael: No pressure! If I'm going to propose, it will be more personal, cute and romantic, but that's all I'm telling you!
We also love a guy that makes us laugh! (Source: NW)
Martha, how do you feel about being called Kmart Kim? Are you so over the comparisons?
Martha: It's hilarious. It's almost become my alter-ego now too. I am Kmart Kim. I own it and yes, I still shop in Kmart all the time!
Do you drive there in the Lamborghini too?
Martha: No! She usually gets Ubers everywhere.
Michael: That's true. The Lambo was hired for one day for my birthday. I wanted to go and pick up my post, get my nails done and have fun with my friends in the most extra, bouji-est car ever. It was hilarious.
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Sounds fun! What's the wildest thing you've done together – have you joined the mile high club?
Martha: I feel like we can't join it if we're travelling domestically – we'd get recognised. Can you imagine someone knocking on the door?! If we were travelling overseas, we could get away with it.
You're not ruling it out...
Martha: It will only ever happen when we're travelling in first class – or in our private jet! You have to join it then.
Would you guys do another reality show, like The Block?
Martha: We'd kill each other!
Michael: It'd make for good TV. You'd just be out shopping all day and I'd be doing all the work.
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