Married At First Sight

WOAH. Lizzie from MAFS just flaunted a NEW tattoo in a racy bedroom photo shoot

Sam who?

By Jess Pullar
When Married at First Sight's Lizzie Sobinoff first appeared on the show, she was a blonde bombshell who made quite the first impression on the Australian public with her refreshingly no-BS attitude.
And these days, not a lot has changed... well, apart from her entire look.
Indeed the stunning blonde now rocks some seriously sultry dark tresses - and that's not to mention her incredible figure, which is looking better than ever.
And now, in a Instagram moment none of us were expecting, the stunning reality TV star has showed off something else that looks very new, and we cannot stop staring.
On the show, it became apparent that Lizzie was a big fan of tattoos.
With impressive prints on her leg, torso and arm, we couldn't stop looking at her incredible ink-work.
But the 27-year-old wasn't going to stop just there. Recently, the gorgeous reality TV queen got some more tattoo-work done, and she's keen for everyone to know it.
Taking to her Instagram in June, Lizzie shared two images of her near-naked self showing off the new tat in all its glory - and glorious it certainly was.
Woah. Lizzie went all out for her bedroom photo shoot. (Instagram / @lizalizzieelizabeth)
In a second pic posted a few days later, Lizzie's new tat is more visible. (Instagram / @lizalizzieelizabeth)
Captioning the second picture "Not. Your. Typical. 👊.", we can't help but agree with Lizzie, who received a flurry of comments and likes within hours of posting said pics.
"And just like that,she changed the game, God damn girl!" wrote one fan.
Meanwhile, another said of Lizzie's racy pic: "Smoking hot 🔥 you look absolutely amazing!"
And just a quick scroll through the comments will bring up several hundred occurances of the fire emoji being used.
Yep, we've got the memo Lizzie, you look a-mazing!
Lizzie's fan-base are big fans of her tattoos! (Instagram / @lizalizzieelizabeth)
Lizzie has been open about her tattoos in the past.
Speaking to Today Extra the reality star said: "I'm probably more tattooed than people think.
"I have the one on my wrist... but underneath [my clothes] it's pretty intense".
WATCH: Lizzie's empowering speech during the MAFS finale. Story continues after video...
Speaking to OK! magazine earlier this year, Lizzie said she was keen to get more tattoos, inclding a "black widow spider".
"But I don't want any more on my arms or calves," she explained.
"I like to be different and eccentric and I don't apologise for that. Go big or go home!"
And that goes for herself, and the opposite sex, she added.
"I tend to go for guys with tattoos. I actually love guys with facial tattoos," she told OK!.
"I've dated guys that are completely tattooed, including facial tattoos. I like different people. I don't judge people on their appearance."
With this in mind, we can't help but applaud the gal for going out and getting what she wants - Sam Ball who?
Yassss Lizzie! (Instagram / @lizalizzieelizabeth)