Jennifer Garner breaks her silence at last on her relationship with ex-husband Ben Affleck

Jen Garner finally tells her side of the story!
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In the six years since finalising their divorce, Jennifer Garner has always remained tight-lipped on her relationship with ex-husband Ben Affleck, but now that is all about to change.

Ever since Ben rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez, there has been headline after headline about their relationship. Most recently, the couple spoke openly about their marriage in the singer’s new documentary, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.

Now sources say that the former Mrs Ben Affleck is ready to let people know her side of the story.

“Jen doesn’t think anyone knows the truth about her and Ben,” a source tells Life & Style. “Nobody knows what people go through – or how much she shielded Ben and their children. Jen is finally opening up to some friends about how rough it really was.”

Ben, 51, and Jen, 52, were married for 10 years, and in that time they welcomed three beautiful children, Violet, 18, Seraphina (now known as Fin), 15, and Samuel, 12. But it wasn’t always an easy time for Jen, who had to deal with Ben’s alcohol addiction issues.

Jen Garner finally tells her side of the story! (Image: Getty)


Despite separating in 2015, sources say Ben was still “making Jen’s life a hell” up until only a few years ago.

“His addictions were worse than anyone knows,” says the insider. “Jen’s explained how she had to deal with Ben during benders and blackouts and plenty of ugly arguments. Some pretty incomprehensible stuff.”

Throughout their marriage, Ben sought treatment for his addictions in 2001, 2017 and most recently in 2018, just weeks before the couple finalised their divorce.

But Jen stood by his side through it all, even driving him to rehab following his 2018 relapse.

According to sources, Ben was sober by the time he reunited with J.Lo in 2021, but Jen has no hard feelings.

“Jen had to deal with him at his worst,” the source adds. “She put in the hard work, gave the unconditional love Ben needed at his lowest points, and J.Lo got the recovered, better Ben. It’s painful to think about, but Jen holds no grudges.”

In fact, in recent months, Jen and Ben have proved that they are the ultimate co-parents, with the pair often spotted together at family events, alongside J.Lo, 54, and her twins Max and Emme, 16.

Of course, the past few years have thrown a few curveballs at Jen, with sources saying that in 2021 the Yes Day star faced a secret medical crisis.

While the exact condition remains a mystery, the reports claim that it was resolved and that she is “healthy today”.

She has also recently had to deal with the passing of her father, William John Gardner, who died during Easter this year.

“While there is no tragedy in the death of an 85-year-old man who lived a healthy, wonderful life, I know grief is unavoidable, waiting around unexpected corners,” she wrote at the time. “Today is
for gratitude.”

The exes have been through rough times in the past. (Image: Getty)


Despite it all, sources say Jen is “happier than ever” with her life, adding that she has found love again with John Miller.

Jen, who has been dating the American businessman on and off since 2018, has kept the romance largely out of the spotlight, which was something that was hard to achieve during her high-
profile marriage to Ben.

But despite everything that’s happened in the past, Jen and Ben are in a good place, and sources add that she and J.Lo are really seeing eye to eye when it comes to Ben and the kids.

“Jen realised that J.Lo isn’t as domineering as she assumed, and they both agree that the most important thing is the children’s happiness,” adds the insider.

“They are also on the same page about a sober, happy and healthy Ben benefiting everybody.”

Ben married J.Lo in 2022. (Image: Getty)

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