Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s KC Osborne wants to marry Michael Goonan

It seems like things are moving along fast for the lovebirds!

By Woman's Day team
Michael Goonan might have been embroiled in some extra marital affairs on the show, but he's a man of his word when it comes to his new flame KC Osborne!
The "couple-swapping" duo were snapped by an eagle-eyed fan at Melbourne's Nobu restaurant last week, and it seems like things are moving along fast for the lovebirds.
Stacey who? Michael is moving on with KC. (Credit: Nine)
"They were absolutely smitten!" a patron tells Woman's Day.
"They were talking about everything from the show's drama to their new relationship."
What's more, a source close to the couple reveals the dance instructor, 31, is contemplating moving to Melbourne, where the 28-year-old company director is currently based for work.
"Trust me, they'll be engaged this time next year!" the source insists. "I think Michael has definitely found his match in her."
WATCH: Getting to know this year's MAFS AU contestants: Speed Dating with KC. Story continues below...
Busted! KC and Michael were flirting up a storm at Melbourne's Nobu Restaurant. (Credit: Supplied)

Jonethen dumps Connie… for a producer!

He's made it clear… he wants out!But a desperate Connie Crayden is keeping her groom Jonethen Musulin around for a week longer, despite suffering a string of setbacks. However, new photos of the handsome FIFO construction worker reveal there could be a reason Jonethen was hell-bent on exiting the country's biggest social experiment – a cute crew member!
The 27-year-old was snapped arriving at Sydney Airport, where he apparently ignored Connie and cosied up with a producer from the show.
"They were giggling and talking, all while Connie stood alone," says an onlooker. "He barely even looked at Connie, he clearly preferred the company of the producer!"
Jonnie was getting all the attention on set. (Credit: Nine)
The reality couple have done little to downplay rumours they've split since filming, with Jonethen making a string of flirty appearances with other women since.
A set spy tells Woman's Day the hunky groom was "hot fodder" for the other blushing brides and crew members.
"Look at him, he's gorgeous... I don't think there was a single woman or man on set who didn't have eyes for Jonny," jokes the source.
Earlier this month, Woman's Day revealed Connie had all but moved on from her onscreen husband after she was snapped getting close to former groom Luke Eglin. Jonethen and Connie are rumoured to exit the experiment in coming weeks.

Psychologists’ mind games!

Tears, tantrums, breakdowns and meltdowns, the ratings juggernaut has seen it all! It's why the show's bold participants are offered around-the-clock access to a counselling hotline.
But one bride alleges to Woman's Day that the talks with the show's psychologists had a "questionable" role in the drama on MAFS!
MAFS stars' confessions were brought up during camera interviews. (Credit: Nine)
"We started to think that everything we told the psychologists was somehow leaking to producers, it was insane," insists the bride.
"There were no secrets… everyone eventually realised that everything we confessed would be used to form part of the show's storyline.
Whether we were upset, sad or goddamn horny… it would make its way to a dinner party, or somehow a producer was asking about it during our camera interviews," says the bride, adding that participants would use it to their advantage.
"If we needed alone time or a break from filming, we just told the psychs and hoped it was overheard," she quips.

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