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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight groom Michael Goonan is busted with drugs on set

After a wild night out, the father-of-one is caught with a illicit substance.
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The first drama-filled Married At First Sight dinner party is still more than a week away, but Woman’s Day’s on-set spy insists that off screen the contestants are already causing havoc.

According to an insider, Adelaide-based groom Michael Goonan was busted with a suspicious bag of white powder, leading panicked producers to send him away to undergo mandatory drug counselling.

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On the night in question, a handful of MAFS grooms were returning from a booze-fuelled night at The Star Sydney casino when the father-of-one is said to have accidentally dropped a bag of white powder – which his fellow participants believed to be cocaine – on the floor of the CBD’s Skye Suites.

“His face just turned red, he was paralysed… he didn’t know where to look!” says the source. “He came back drunk from the casino and grabbed a handful of poker chips out of his pocket when the bag just came flying out – it was all very unfortunate,” quips the on-set spy.

What’s more, the offending groom, 29, was beside himself when he realised the ordeal had been seen by a member of the production team.

Producers were quick to respond to the incident which is said to have occurred at Sydney’s Skye Hotel Suits on Kent St.

(Image: Woman’s Day)

“One of the producers witnessed the whole thing and she just lost it at him,” says the insider.

“It was really heated – everyone was ordered back to their rooms and told to stay there. The production team tried to calm [Michael] down by assuring him that there were no cameras, but he was just so agitated by the entire situation.”

Party boy Michael? What will his new wife think…

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The show’s producers were furious about the mishap, especially given they warn the participants against socialising outside of filming to avoid missing out on any conversations.

Following the incident, the groom was removed from his shared room and ordered to sleep without his “wife” until he attended what the source describes as a “counselling program”, which included an extensive psychological assessment and drug and alcohol counselling.

The incident is said to have taken place at Sydney’s Skye Hotel Suits on Kent St where the participants film.

(Image: Woman’s Day)

“Production weren’t having a bar of it,” says the spy. “They told him in no uncertain terms they would remove him from the show if he didn’t agree to undergo the sessions.”

At the time Woman’s Day went to print, Endemol Shine Australia, which produces Married At First Sight, and Nine declined to comment, as did Michael.

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