Married At First Sight

MAFS EXCLUSIVE: KC shuts down rumours she's cheating on her "husband" Drew with Michael

''Hand on heart, that's not true''.

By Rebecca Sullivan
In case you've been busy living your life and haven't plunged your mind deep into the cesspool of petty drama that is Married At First Sight this season, allow us to fill you in.
There's some serious beef going down between MAFS brides KC Osborne and Stacey Hampton.
Stacey has accused intruder KC of cheating on her "husband" Drew, with Stacey's own man, Michael Goonan.
KC and Michael were papped having a drink together in Sydney in February, plus a series of leaked text messages between KC and Stacey show the pair had a heated row, after KC asked for Stacey's permission to meet up with Michael "as friends."
That convo did not go down well, with Stacey telling Daily Mail Australia: "KC was my friend. She went behind my back and proceeded to see Michael after he broke my heart. KC and I are now no longer friends."
OK, so we know Stacey and Michael are pretty much done. But who is he with now? Image: Channel Nine
While it's clear Stacey and Michael's on-the-rocks relationship doesn't end well, Michael has previously confirmed that he's in a relationship with someone from MAFS.
"I only chat to one person on that show, who is amazing," he told Nova's Fitzy and Wippa last month.
"I can lock in 100 percent that I am seeing someone from the show."
So, are KC and Michael really together?
Now To Love spoke exclusively with KC to set the record straight.
KC and Drew pictured on their wedding day. Image: Channel Nine
While their wedding was picture perfect, will KC and Drew's relationship last the distance? Image: Channel Nine
"Honestly, I'm reading all this just as your are. I was with Drew yesterday and we had a laugh about it," KC told us of the explosive leaked text message exchange.
"We were having lunch and I was reading that Michael and I had cheated. That's absolute nonsense. Hand on heart, that's not true. That just never happened," she explained.
"I adore Drew. We have a great relationship. Those pictures of when I was with Michael, I was actually on the phone to Drew and said 'I'm going to have a drink with Michael.'"
"Michael and I get along really well and I'm disappointed that Stacey has leaked those messages."
KC says the cheating rumours are "absolute nonsense." Image: Instagram
KC says she is "pretty happy" with Drew, but wants to clarify that what viewers are seeing on TV is a tiny portion of what actually went down.
"The wedding was amazing, our honeymoon was amazing. What you saw was just a small part of it," KC explained.
The former Pussycat Doll and burlesque dancer also revealed the reason why she "grilled" Drew on their honeymoon.
"Obviously we've only got a two-day honeymoon and in those two days, we got along so well. We had to have an honest conversation. I wasn't really getting straight answers from him, so I felt I asked to ask him several times, because I didn't want to put myself out there and put my heart on the line if there was a girl I had to compete with," she said.
"Watching it back, I was like 'S--t KC, you really went it for it', but I needed a straight answer."
KC says she "grilled" Drew because she wanted to understand the truth about his relationship with his housemate. Image: Instagam
Eagle-eyed fans who have done a massive social media stalk of KC will notice she's undergone quite the transformation over the years.
But KC isn't shy about sharing exactly what work she's had done, because she's "comfortable in my own skin."
"I own everything," she said.
"I've had my boobs done, I get Botox and I've had a little bit of cheek filler. I've had lip filler in the past, but not so much anymore," she revealed.
"I'm happy with the way I look. I think I'm a natural beauty and less is more when it comes to surgery. We're all naturally beautiful. People can get carried away, but each to their own.
"It's your own body. Who cares what other people think?"
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For now, KC is settling back into life in Sydney after living in LA for several years working for Robin Antin, the creator of the Pussycat Dolls.
"I was in a few of the Pussycat Dolls burlesque shows," KC told TV WEEK on Monday.
"We'd go around to different locations, like Vegas, and back-up dance for artists. It was really, really fun."
In fact, she'd only been back in Australia only a month when she was approached to be on MAFS.
"It all happened very, very fast," she says. "I met with producers and a week later I was walking down the aisle. It was a bit of a whirlwind!"
For KC, it looks like the drama has only just begun!