Married At First Sight

Stacey has her eye on the MAFS intruder brides at the dinner party following husband Michael's cheating scandal

And bride Cathy says there was a lot of tension behind the scenes.

By Alex Lilly
After tensions reached boiling point at the last dinner party, Married At First Sight is about to up the ante, as the intruders come face-to-face with the original brides and grooms.
The experiment's newest couples Lizzie and Seb, along with KC and Drew, are set for their first dinner party, but one original bride is being very territorial with the new brides.
Stacey's watching the new intruder brides. (Image: Nine Network)
As KC and Drew arrive to the dinner party, Stacey, who was faced with her husband's alleged cheating scandal with Hayley last week, was eyeing up the new intruder bride.
"I don't know about hot," Stacey says of the 31-year-old former Pussycat Doll. "Like nothing like 'Oh my god.'"
Mum-of-two Stacey acted rather coldly towards KC, but Michael was quick to tell the cameras, "I will be on my best behaviour. Obviously."
WATCH BELOW: MAFS' Stacey blames Hayley for taking advantage of Michael. Post continues after video...
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, original bride Cathy remarked that a lot of the girls were feeling "territorial" after meeting the newbies.
"I noticed that they found it hard to do and they judged immediately by their appearance, which was kind of sad," Cathy told us.
"You've got two new couples walking right into the middle of drama and they don't know where to take sides or whether they should take sides because is it really any of their business and they weren't there from the beginning to know, they're only coming from the back-end of everything."
Cathy added that she noticed when some of the intruders started to stick up for certain teams of the group.
"I think they're starting to pick up certain things because they didn't know the full story. So it's kind of interesting to see the dynamic and how they go about it."
Cathy says that the intruders didn't know where to stand when they walked into the drama. (Image: Nine Network)
MAFS fans were left gobsmacked when Stacey not only shouted at Hayley for ruining her marriage, but let her husband completely off the hook at the previous dinner party.
"Why were you even out with my husband alone? You've just ruined a relationship, yes he's a d---head and he parties but you've taken that for granted. You were encouraging vulnerable Michael," Stacey said.
And Stacey's comments did not go unnoticed by fans at home.
"Sorry but for everyone to attack Hayley, especially Stacey to protect "vulnerable Micheal", is f---ed up. It's as much Michael's fault as it is Hayley's," one fan wrote.
Stacey backed her husband and slammed Hayley at the last dinner party. (Image: Nine Network)

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