Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Connie confirms she and husband Jonethen have broken up

''I can't play pretend. I can't live a double life.''

By Alex Lilly
Another couple bites the dust!
In a tell-all radio interview, Married At First Sight's Connie Crayden has confirmed she and her on-screen husband Jonethen Musulin have officially broken up.
While Connie and Jonethen started out strong at the beginning of the season, the cracks soon began to appear in their relationship.
We had such high hopes for these two. (Image: Nine Network)
After numerous weeks where one half of the couple opting to stay, while the other person wanted to leave, it became clear that the couple were not on the same page.
Fans suspected the pair couldn't make things work in the real world, after it was revealed that the couple were no longer following each other on Instagram.
Plus, when photos of Connie celebrating her birthday over the weekend emerged online, Jonethen was nowhere to be seen.
Instead, he was at a Grand Prix event in Melbourne (Connie's home town), along with fellow MAFS grooms David, Ivan, Mikey and Steve.
"He said he'd be there for me for my birthday." (Image: Nine Network)
Speaking live on Hobart radio station Hit100.9, Connie revealed it was Jonethen's absence at her birthday bash that was the straw that broke the camel's back, as he had promised her they would meet up after the event for a drink.
"I had my last straw with him just this weekend. I can't play pretend, I just can't do it. I can't live a double life," she told radio hosts Jimmy and Nath.
"It was my birthday this weekend. He was in Melbourne for the whole weekend. He said he'd be there for me for my birthday," she added.
Connie then revealed that the guys said they'd be there for a drink after the event was done, but they just "didn't bother" to attend.
"That was just my last straw, especially with Jonethen. I did half expect it, but after everything we've been through together, I really thought he would be there," she said.
Connie admitted that she was shocked at all the guys, "even David and Steve" adding, "I thought they could take one hour off that D-Grade life and have a drink with a mate."
Mikey and Jonethen were two of the MAFS grooms at the Grand Prix event. (Image: Instagram @mikeypembroke)
Adding even more insult to injury, Jonathan's profile has now popped up on Tinder, which appears to be the final nail in the coffin.
He was also caught out by NW with a mystery brunette, who interestingly, looked a lot like Connie!
Connie says she's had her doubts about Jonnie from the beginning, telling NW: "He couldn't stop talking about being on TV and Instagram, which concerned me."
WATCH BELOW: Jonethen's Two Minute Speed Date. Post continues after video...
Even former MAFS brides and grooms have weighed in on Connie and Jonethen's relationship.
After Connie took her on-screen husband back to her home town to meet up with her friends, she uploaded a still from the episode to Instagram with the caption: "I might be seeing Jonethen through rose coloured glasses, but the girls aren't. Somethings not sitting right with them and they're ready to call it."
Last season's Nic Jovanovic jokingly commented, "Same with Australia," whilst in a previous post, bride Michel joked, "Stay with me."
Looks like these guys are officially caput!

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