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EXCLUSIVE PICS: MAFS’ Jonethen caught with a Connie lookalike!

NW also exposes an STD scandal and a new MAFS couple alert!
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Another couple appears to have bitten the dust!

Uh-huh, Jonethen Musulin all but confirmed growing speculation that he and wife Connie Crayden have called it quits, after he was busted flirting up a storm with a mystery woman in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

What’s more, the bikini-clad brunette looked eerily like Jonnie’s TV wife!

“He was acting very, very friendly towards her,” one onlooker tells us of Jonnie, 27.

“I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that he was a married man by the way he was flirting with her.”

While Connie, 27, and Jonnie seemed to be one of this year’s better-matched couples, the cracks soon started showing.

As previously reported by NW Connie couldn’t shake the feeling Jonnie only went on MAFS because he craved Insta-fame!

“He couldn’t stop talking about being on TV and Instagram, which concerned me,” she said.

“There was serious chemistry between them!” the onlooker tells us.

(Source: Supplied)

“The pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other!” another source adds.

(Source: Supplied)

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Natasha’s showdown with Michael

Natasha Spencer is a self-confessed “alpha woman” who isn’t afraid to speak her mind – and she’s made it crystal clear that she loves the skin she’s in.

But the confident financial analyst, 26, was taken off guard after an inappropriate conversation took place with a drunken Michael Goonan, 29, at the Luxury Sky Suites in Sydney.

“He came into my room and started talking trash to me,” she tells NW.

“He said, ‘You’re just as hot as Stacey, but you portray yourself too much like a slut.'”

Um, excuse us, mate?!

Natasha Spencer is a self-confessed “alpha woman” who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

(Image: NW)

The rivalry between the pair began at last week’s dinner party after Michael told Nat’s hubby Mikey Pembroke, 29, that she’d been informing everyone that he was a lacklustre lover.

“She told me you only lasted 10 seconds in the bedroom and that you got a cramp,” Michael said.

Clearly causing friction between the couple, Natasha didn’t hold back giving Michael a piece of her mind.

“If I had an issue with my lover, I would bring that up with him! It was a joke. I wasn’t being serious!”

STD scandal exposed!

While all our brides and grooms brought some sort of baggage into the experiment, we hear one participant came with something a little more unwanted.

Yep, NW is told one star’s blood test – a requirement that everyone must undergo during the application process – tested positive for genital herpes! Say whaaat?!

While we can’t reveal names for legal purposes, a well-placed insider assures us: “The partner of this person was told before they went through with the wedding. Everything was out in the open. Supposedly the infected person has given it to a lot of their exes as well!”

Luckily, the individual “hadn’t had a flare-up for four years”, adds the source.

Good to know!

Love is in the air for Luke and Foxy Jojo!

Luke and Foxy Jojo could be MAFS’ new breakout couple!

(Source: Bauer Media/ Instagram)

After Luke Eglin and Poppy Jennings left the experiment, fans quickly decided he’d be better suited to former MAFS star Jo “Foxy Jojo” McPharlin.

And she tells us she’s definitely keen for a date!

“Poppy’s lost opportunity is my gain!” Jo tells us. “I’m feeling awesome since putting the F back into Fox, so Luke can slide into

my DMs anytime. I love that MAFS fans are still looking out for me in my quest for love.”

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