EXCLUSIVE: Martha Kalifatidis is getting her own TV show!

Get ready – it’s time to start Keeping Up with the Kalifatidises
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Martha Kalifatidis has proven to be one of the most influential and successful MAFS stars, remaining firmly in the spotlight a year after her TV debut, even though a new crop of fame-hungry brides and grooms are in the picture.

And now the brunette bombshell’s publicist tells NW exclusively that Martha, 31, and her hilarious mother Mary are getting their own TV show!

“I can confirm that we are in the early stages of creating a reality show for Martha and her mum, but this is all I can share for the time being,” the official response reads.

And when NW reached out for a comment from Martha, she teased, “Hmmm maybe!” and added a winky face emoji.

This has long been a dream for Martha, with a source previously telling NW that the former make-up artist was considering having her mum manage her the same way Kris Jenner manages Martha’s idol Kim.

“Martha’s been posting lots of videos of her mum involved in Kris Jenner-like antics,” our insider claimed.

“She definitely wants to be the next Kimmy K!”

Phwoar! We cannot wait to see these two on camera together.

(Image: Instagram)

It’s not surprising that the show’s come about.

Martha has amassed over 310,000 followers on Instagram and drama seems to follow her wherever she goes!

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Double trouble!

(Image: Instagram)

Martha, Mary and Michael taking a stroll along Sydney’s Bondi Beach, where the MAFS couple have recently shacked up together.

(Image: Instagram)

Recently, she reignited her feud with her former MAFS besties Ines Basic and Jessika Power by slamming them in an Instagram live video.

She told fans: “I would rather have root canal surgery from now until the end of time than ever speak to them again!”

Following the swipe, Ines described her behaviour as being “disgusting and a disgrace”.

WATCH BELOW: See the iconic moment Martha keeps her face mask on while fighting with Cyrell. Story continues after video.

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We can’t wait to see if Martha will bite back on her new show.

Bring it on!

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