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MAFS’ Martha Kalifatidis: ”I didn’t think it was possible for somebody to accept me for who I am”

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Martha Kalifatidis is the first to admit that’s she’s not the easiest person to be with.

“I’m a lot,” the 30-year-old Married At First Sight star-turned influencer told Now To Love.

But despite her own personal misgivings, the 30-year-old has managed to find love in the most unlikely of circumstances, having just celebrated her one-year anniversary with her “groom” on MAFS, primary school teacher Michael Brunelli.

“I didn’t think it was possible for somebody to accept me for who I am. But he does,” Martha said.

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Martha is loud, brash and unashamedly high maintenance.

Described as the Australian version of Kim Kardashian, or “Kmart Kim” as she is known to her 290,000 Instagram followers, the former makeup artist has managed to use the publicity from her three-month stint on MAFS to fuel her fast rise as a beauty and lifestyle influencer, and Michael has happily come along for the ride.

“One year, my dear,” Martha captioned this pic.

(Credit: Instagram)

Yep, that is Michael’s butt in the background.

(Credit: Instagram)

He still works at the Melbourne primary school he taught at prior to becoming a national reality TV star, and his students don’t even try to pretend like they don’t watch his every move on Instagram.

“They know everything,” Martha said of Michael’s young students.

“They follow both me and him on Instagram. On his first day back after we came home from overseas, they knew everything we did. The nude selfie [Martha and Michael posed nude on Instagram to mark their one-year anniversary]. I was like ‘Oh god, that is not good.’.

“I’m not allowed to go to the school now. Literally, if I walk in there, the school will turn to dust. He is a teacher, a primary school teacher and I am an Instagram thot. It does not mesh in the real world.”

Martha and Michael posing up a storm in the kitchen.

(Credit: Instagram)

Michael students are aware of his Instagram, Martha says.

(Credit: Instagram)

But it turns out being an “Instagram thot”, as Martha calls it, pays handsomely.

Martha’s sole source of income is now through brand partnerships on Instagram – she is reportedly paid up to $10,000 a post, but won’t reveal exactly how much money she’s making from social media – and has worked with companies including Hello Fresh, beauty brand Aceology and now shopping app ShopBack.

But despite making a solid living wage out of Instagram, Martha spends pretty much everything she earns. She loves designer clothing, eating out at nice restaurants and travelling the world.

“Yesterday I got an email from my accountant and I had a meltdown. If only they taught us about finances in school, I probably wouldn’t be in this position as an adult,” she said.

“I know I’m not alone because my girlfriends are all the same. They’re all like ‘I just don’t know where it went’. Yeah b-tch, you’re wearing it!”

Martha and Michael recently travelled together on an epic trip overseas.

(Credit: Instagram)

The duo looking loved-up on the ‘gram.

(Credit: Instagram)

Martha is a self-confessed shopping addict.

“Yeah, I have a problem,” she said.

“I’m not in debt, but I could be coming out on top and I’m not. Like margaritas are $30 a pop, how many of them do you have a week? Then you want to shout some as well, and there goes your savings,” she joked.

How much does she spend on clothes?

“More than I care or want to admit or say out loud. Like literally, I’m disgusting,” she said.

“Yesterday, I was at Westfield. I walked in in one outfit, bought another outfit and I changed into the the other outfit and walked out in it. I’m that person.”

WATCH BELOW: Martha gets her lip and cheek filler dissolved. Story continues after video.

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Martha’s latest Instagram collaboration with shopping app ShopBack is another way to fuel her fashion obsession. The app partners with e-retailers to give shoppers discounts, as well as receiving a small percentage of cash back on purchases they make.

“Yesterday I was in Prada. I really want this Prada bag. I really want to buy myself a really nice bag, I don’t have one. I’ve worked hard now and I want to treat myself,” she said.

“The lady was like ‘I can get this one in from the city for you’ and I’m thinking ‘I’m getting this on ShopBack man’. If I buy this from Matches, I’m getting like, 20 per cent back. Prada doesn’t go on sale, so I have to find my own way to weasel even 10 per cent off Prada. I’ll take that.”

It seems even Michael is getting in on the action, with the 27-year-old sporting a brand new look lately, rocking trendy street style clothes and a fresh new moustache.

“When he is looking at himself in the mirror, I can tell he’s feeling himself. He’s so confident now,” Martha said.

“He actually said to me the other day, ‘It’s not just the clothes, it’s my personality. I’m so much more confident and you helped me do that’.”

Couple goals.

(Credit: Instagram)

Since MAFS wrapped and her Instagram took off, Martha says she has noticed a change in the type of comments she receives online.

Gone are the nasty remarks and in their place are messages from women who say they appreciate her candour.

“So many people send me messages saying ‘I hated you on the show, in real life you’re so different’. I’m like yep, that’s usually how TV works,” she said.

“I hate constantly saying ‘It’s just a show, it’s not real’. I hate constantly saying that, because I just feel like it’s a cop out. But reality TV doesn’t really show who you are, even though it’s supposedly reality TV. This has just organically happened and I like that I can just share who I really am, instead of what people think of me.”

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