Martha Kalifatidis’ favourite sellout face mask is back in stock and our credit cards are ready!

And it only costs $16
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It’s no secret that former Married At First Sight bride Martha Kalifatidis loves a face mask.

Remember that episode of MAFS where Martha managed to conduct a full-on fight with fellow contestant Cyrell Paule while still completely decked out in her fluffy white robe and a hydrating sheet mask?!

Now that is a level of commitment to hydrated, glowy skin we completely respect.

Even during Martha’s onscreen “wedding” to her now boyfriend Michael Brunelli, the queen of all things beauty and skincare joked to her gorgeous groom: “I look forward to a future of pore strips, clay masks and night cream together, forever.”

So it’s no surprise that when the 30-year-old makeup artist posted about her favourite sheet mask on Instagram recently, her followers went nuts and the mask completely sold out!

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A girl with this kind of commitment to masking is a girl after our own hearts.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

The side profile!

(Credit: Channel 9)

Alongside a glamorous photo of herself wearing the mask, Martha wrote: “Not just an ordinary sheet mask. You heard it here first. @aceologybeauty Green Tea infused gel mask. Thank me later for your cherub-faced, honey-hued, prepubescent complexion.”

The mask in question from new beauty brand Acelogy sold out within hours of Martha’s post, but the brand has just told Now To Love that they’re officially back in stock on Aceology’s website!

They cost $64 for a packet of four, which equates to $16 each.

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The photo Martha posted of the mask on her Instagram.

(Credit: Instagram)

So what is so amazing about this mask?

The two part sheet mask (there’s one mask for the top of your face and another for the bottom half) is soaked in a serum that contains green tea, evening primrose and mirabilis jalapa flower, which are great hydrating ingredients that reinvigorate the skin, de-puffs under-eye bags and reduces redness, leaving you looking bright and glowy.

If your skin is feeling dull, puffy or dry, this serum-soaked hydrogel-style mask will reinvigorate cells and deliver a potent dose of hydration, leaving skin soft, bright and glowy.

Designed to be used once a week at home, it’s the perfect way to indulge in your Sunday self-care facial night.

While Aceology launched their full range of masks in April this year, they only just unveiled their new hydrogel sheet masks earlier this month.

The boxes of masks are sold on Aceology’s website.

(Credit: Supplied)

You get four masks for $64.

(Credit: Supplied)

A spokeswoman for Aceology says the brand was “blown away” by the consumer response to their product.

“We saw the masks literally fly of the site, it was manic, in a good way. We never expected to completely sell-out of the masks, we truly underestimated the power of Instagram and social influence,” the spokeswoman said.

They were desperately trying to restock the masks as soon as possible to keep up with demand, and now they new stock has finally arrived.

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So, if you’re looking for a luxe new face mask, or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, the masks are now available online.

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