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All the times Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis twinned with Kim Kardashian

The brunette beauties look almost identical!
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When we first met Martha Kalifatidis on Married At First Sight, there was another reality star who people were quick to compare her to.

Yep you guessed it, Kim Kardashian West of course! With their dark luscious locks, curvaceous bodies and similar fashion sense, we reckon these two beauties could be twins.

We’re not the first ones to make the comparison by any means. Martha opened up to the Daily Telegraph that she originally took the comparison as a compliment but she now feels like everyone is saying it in a malicious way.

“I’m just over hearing now because it’s not saying it in a nice way, they’re saying it like, ‘you’re a try hard or you’re a wannabe,’ and that’s the last thing that I am,” she confessed.

“I’m a wog, I look like a wog, like any wog girl that wears makeup and is groomed now just wants to be a Kardashian, I don’t get it, but it’s a compliment I guess, sure.”

Well we think she and her Hollywood double are stunners!

Keep scrolling to see all the times Martha and Kimmy K twinned.

Pink dress

Martha’s dinner party outfit was almost identical to the one Kim wore to Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday bash. (Images L-R: Channel Nine/Getty Images)


Dark hair, black bikini and the gals on full display? Check! (Images L-R Instagram @marthaa__k/Getty Images)


These reality stars know how to rock a bikini that’s for sure. (Images L-R Instagram @marthaa__k/@kimkardashian)


This fan account was quick to point out that Martha and Kim have the same style in trackpants paired with long loose tresses. (Image: Instagram @mafsfunny)

Pink jacket

Brb, investing in a pink jacket. (Images L-R: Channel Nine/Instagram @kimkardashian)

White suit

And while we’re at it, a white power suit too. (Images L-R: Getty Images/Instagram @kimkardashian)

Pink flowers

Martha and Kim look utterly gorgeous when they’re surrounded by pink flowers. (Images L-R Instagram @marthaa__k/@kimkardashian)


If we had toned abs like that, we’d be showing them off all day every day. (Images L-R Instagram @marthaa__k/@kimkardashian)

Wedding trains

It may not have been as big a train as Kim’s but both looked drop dead gorgeous in their wedding gowns. (Images L-R Instagram @marthaa__k/@kimkardashian)

Wedding kiss

Sealed with a kiss! Michael is the Kanye to Martha’s Kim! (Images L-R: Channel Nine/Instagram @kimkardashian)

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