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Jessika Power reveals the details of Shane Warne’s “X-rated” messages and another Big Brother VIP housemate admits the cricketer also contacted her

''No wonder he gets into trouble all the time!''
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After weeks of tantalising teasers, Jessika Power has finally revealed what happened when cricket legend Shane Warne reportedly messaged her over social media.

On the second explosive episode of Big Brother VIP, the housemates were grilled by radio stars Fitzy and Wippa about their controversies. And top of the list for the former MAFS bride were her claims that Shane and her had exchanged raunchy messages.

“He messaged me three or four times and I hadn’t seen it and then I replied back,” Jess explained.

“He goes ‘Can I say hi?’ And I said ‘Of course you can say hi I don’t bite’ and he said ‘What if I ask you to?'”

Jess claimed Shane’s messages were “X-rated”.

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Jess then exclaimed: “You’re my dad’s age!”

“I told my dad and he goes ‘Watch out for him darling he’s a spinner'”.

When probed further on her conversation with Shane, Jess remained tight lipped but revealed it was “X-rated”.

“It was to do with being naked and facing a wall and on knees,” she revealed.

“A bit graphic, you know. I didn’t like that.”

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Jess said her final message to Shane would be: “Sorry I left you on read, babe”.

Watching on from the living room of the Big Brother house, model Imogen Anthony also revealed that Shane had messaged her “back in the day” when she was dating radio shock jock with Kyle Sandilands.

Earlier in the episode, Jess described the legendary cricketer as a “freak” and admitted she replied to his messages for a brief period before ceasing communication.

“No wonder he gets into trouble all the time!” she laughed.

Model Imogen Anthony also claimed to have been messaged by the cricket great.

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“It was insane. I was like I can’t believe you’re writing this over a message.”

Adding even more fuel to the fire, actor Ellie Gonsalves later admitted in the diary room that Shane has also contacted her.

“He’s literally tried to DM me and invite me out. I’ve got no time for that. I’ve been in a relationship for 13 years.”

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