IN PHOTOS: Sonia Kruger and daughter Maggie are the ultimate mother-daughter duo

We can't get enough of these two.

By Maddison Hockey
It seems everything TV personality and Big Brother VIP host Sonia Kruger does, she does so with style and grace.
And motherhood has been no exception for the star.
It hasn't always been easy however, as Sonia struggled to fall pregnant to partner Craig McPherson.
While Craig had six children from a previous relationship, Sonia longed to be a mother herself.
Being over the age of 45, doctors told Sonia her chances of falling pregnant were zero, and the couple's attempts to conceive both naturally and through IVF were unsuccessful.
"We tried IVF and it wasn't successful," she told The Australian Womens Weekly in 2012.
"The doctors were very clear with me too, that for women over the age of 45, which was the age we attempted IVF, the success rate is zero.
"You still believe it can happen, and you see stories, and you think maybe that can happen for us, but the odds are definitely very slim."
Luckily for Sonia, at the age of 49, a close friend donated an egg and the TV host fell pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to her daughter Maggie.
"It has been a long road, but Craig and I are delighted to finally confirm we are having a baby," she told the Herald Sun when announcing her pregnancy.
Just a year later, Sonia told The Australian Women's Weekly she would love to have a second child, but is hesitant.

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"It's been such a joy for me, I'm just so happy," she said of motherhood.
"I would love to [have another child] but, I really feel like I shouldn't push my luck!"
Sonia is content with her gorgeous daughter Maggie – and we can't blame her, that's why we have rounded up their cutest mother-daughter photos.

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