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Bachelor in Paradise: Richie drops a HUGE bombshell about his relationship with Alex Nation

''I thought we had a huge connection but obviously I was wrong..''
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In a world first, a former Bachelor has landed in Fiji to find love a second time around on the Bachelor in Paradise.

And for Richie Strahan (said Bachelor), there’s one person he’d rather not see beyond the gates of the Mango Bay Resort in Fiji – his former girlfriend, and winner of his season, Alex Nation.

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When Richie and Alex broke up, we had very limited information about what actually happened, so when he arrived on the island and was greeted by Bachie King Osher Gunsberg – we were ready for the goss.

But a revelation he made to Osh on last night’s premiere episode was completely unexpected, with the 33-year-old admitting he had zero idea his relationship with Alex had actually ended.

“After The Bachelor I was obviously in a relationship with Alex. I thought we had a huge connection but obviously I was wrong,” he said.

Our relationship was fire from the moment we met. The fireworks were there, what I was looking for in a partner was right in front of me.”

“The circumstances around our relationship and how it all came to an end – it’s pretty grubby,” Richie told Osher.

“It did a lot of damage, I don’t know if Australia’s ready for all the grubby details surrounding it.”

Firstly, Richie, we are totally ready for it – and secondly, we are 100% going to be glued to our screens for the nine-minute uncut conversation between the pair on Wednesday’s ep!

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Richie meets Osher at the gates of Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)

Osher then asked Richie how he felt about the high-profile relationship Alex had with former-fiancee Maegen Luxa – and his response was quite shocking.

“It would have been nice to have that communicated a lot earlier or have it communicated at all would have been handy,” he revealed.

“Did you find out publicly?” Osher asked.

“Yeah, it was quite a large shock, Osher, to wake up in the morning and see your relationship ending,” Richie said. OUCH!

Reading between the not-so-subtle lines and it appears the WA rope technician (ahh, what a joy it is to get to write that job again) was totally blind-sided by their split and had no idea Alex had moved on so quickly with Maegen.

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Back in August 2017, Richie went into hiding – as news broke that Alex had dumped him for a woman.

But that wasn’t the only shock revelation heartbroken Richie had to contend with.

As Australia reeled from the news that his girlfriend was dating fellow Frankston Bombers footy player, Maegan, 31, Richie was recovering from a second bombshell – that she had also slept with another man from the same football team!

“Alex was dating our coach’s son, Dale White for two months prior to dating Maegan,” a fellow player revealed to Woman’s Day at the time.

“Dale plays for the Bombers too and she dumped him the night of our mid-season footy ball [July 15th] and went home with Maegan, instead. They’ve been joined at the hip since!” the source explained, adding that Dale – just like Richie – was also crushed by the betrayal after he had introduced Alex to his family.

Talk about tangled web!

Richie and Alex in happier times. (Source: Instagram//@richie_strahan)

One thing’s for sure – whatever actually happened is about to come out into the open and we. cannot. wait!

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