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Richie Strahan's SHOCK: Alex dumped me for a man and a woman!

The heartbroken Bachelor has fled to Bali after discovering his ex slept with not one, but two others!

Once the happiest man in Australia when he found love on The Bachelor Australia in 2016, Richie Strahan went into hiding last week - packing his bags and flying to Bali - as news broke that his girlfriend Alex Nation had dumped him for a woman.
But that wasn’t the only shock revelation heartbroken Richie had to contend with.
As Australia reeled from the news that Alex, 26, is dating fellow Frankston Bombers footy player, Maegan Luxa, 31, Richie was recovering from a second bombshell – that she also slept with another man from the same football team!
“Alex was dating our coach’s son, Dale White for two months prior to dating Maegan,” a fellow player has exclusively revealed to Woman’s Day.
“Dale plays for the Bombers too and she dumped him the night of our mid-season footy ball [July 15th] and went home with Maegan, instead. They’ve been joined at the hip since!” our source explains, adding that Dale – just like Richie - was also crushed by the betrayal after he had introduced Alex to his family.
Friends of Alex and Maegan, a chef on the Mornington Peninsula, say Alex made the first move, despite previously being interested only in men.
“Alex was telling everyone that she had a crush on Maegan and then they shared a shoey (where you drink beer out of a shoe) and the rest was history,” our source tells.
Dale was crushed after learning Alex had started seeing Maegan.
A shattered Richie has fled to Bali in the wake of their split.
Now Richie feels like a fool after he met all of Alex’s football friends and even cheered them on from the sidelines when he was visiting her in Melbourne.
“Richie was awesome when he came down to watch us,” says our source.
“He was chatty and just really normal, and when they were together you could see they really cared about one another.”
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Since the news broke, heartbroken Richie has had no choice but to leave the country, escaping to Bali on a solo surf trip to seek solace.
“Bali is Richie’s happy place, he can escape all the fanfare and go unnoticed as he wraps his head around everything that’s come to light in recent weeks,” reveals a close friend.
And while it’s been rumoured for months that Alex and Richie had split, our source says the decision to break up definitely wasn’t mutual, and Richie is devastated.
“He’s shattered it didn’t work out with Alex, and that she’s been able to move on so quickly.”
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Alex and Richie in happier times.

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