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OPINION: This is why Elly Miles won’t win The Bachelor 2019

Did someone say Nikki Gogan 2.0?
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It’s been three years since Australia watched The Bachelor’s Richie Strahan break Nikki Gogan’s heart during the show’s season four finale.

And then that the same year, The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love chose Lee Elliot over Matty J Johnson, and we watched the moment his heart shattered into a million pieces.

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So, as we fall deeper in love with this season’s national treasure Elly Miles, it’s safe to say that we’re preparing ourselves for the worst.

Because if history is anything to go by, our hearts (and Elly’s) are about to break all over again.

While we’re hoping that this is not really the case, there is compelling evidence as to why Elly will end up coming in either second (or worse third) – and it all boils down to her front-runner status.

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Elly and Matt recreated their first meeting on their second date.

(Source: Network Ten)

Each year, we are presented with many personalities for our Bachelor to choose from.

There’s always a “villain”, the girl who causes trouble among the ladies (ahem, Abbie), the girl who was scouted to cause trouble (ahem, Rachael), and then there are the “serious contenders”, the girls who are on the show for all the “the right reasons”.

As we are well aware, 24-year-old nurse Elly, is the latter.

Throughout the entire season, we’ve watched Matt Agnew’s eyes light up every time the couple are together, as they giggle their way through dates and she wows him with just how incredibly genuine she is.

So cute! Look at them!

(Source: Network Ten)

Then there’s the fact that all of the other women are completely threatened by Elly. During the group date on Thursday night, the girls revealed how well aware they were that she was a “front-runner”.

“I definitely see Elly as competition,” Sydney-based Emma said.

“She’s the only girl that has been on two single dates, so there clearly is a spark between the two.”

Helena also agreed, telling producers: “There’s just like a little sparkle in his eye whenever he looks at her.”

So, wouldn’t all of this make her “the winner”? Not exactly.

Is Elly going to go the way of Nikki?

(Source: Network Ten)

During Nikki and Richie’s dalliance – the exact same storyline played out.

Nikki was an absolute sweetheart who wowed the rope technician with her soft and genuine nature. And just like Elly and Matt, that playful and romantic chemistry was there.

During her final single date, Nikki revealed that she had had “the time of my life” and had fallen in love – something that she had never felt before.

Then, there was Georgia and Matty J.

Matty J was relatively unknown for the first few episodes of the season, until all of a sudden he made a mad dash for the finish line, simultaneously making the country fall in love with him.

Their chemistry was heavenly. Matty was the sweetest, kindest and most loving bloke we’d seen on the show in a long time – and this is why, when Georgia ripped his heart out, we were crushed.

(L) Nikki and Richie on season four of The Bachelor and (R) Georgia Love and Matty J during season two of The Bachelorette.

(Source: Network Ten)

And throughout this 2019 season Matt and Elly have kissed passionately, winner’s music has been played whenever they appear onscreen and they seem very happy together.

But honestly? We’re preparing ourselves for the worst.

It’s going to be Nikki/Matty J 2.0 and we’re not sure we’re ready.

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