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Network Ten hits back at rumours that The Bachelor’s Matt and Elly knew each other before the show

Did Elly have an unfair advantage?

When The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew met Newcastle local, Elly Miles, in the very first episode of this season, fans were quick to back her as a potential winner.

Their connection was not only instantaneous, but it was cute as all hell to watch – with the 24-year-old setting up a romantic campfire to toast marshmallows.

Now, rumours have begun to circulate that the pair actually knew each other before the show, which caused some tension in the mansion.

According to the reports, there was a confrontation between the girls, with Elly upset by the accusation.

When Now To Love reached out to Network Ten for comment, they denied that any such thing took place.

“This story is completely false,” a spokesperson for Network Ten said. “Matt and Elly did not know each other prior to filming The Bachelor.”

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Did Elly know Matt before The Bachelor?

(Source: Network Ten)

The stunning blonde has made an impression on both our Bachie and fans alike, with the pair sharing a sweet moment toasting marshmallows by an open fire during the first cocktail ceremony.

When Matt asked where Elly was from, she explained she grew up in a NSW country town called Parkes, to which Matt instantly replied, “Oh just near the Parkes telescope?”

And of course, being an astrophysicist, Matt is more than familiar with the role The Dish played during the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, so he and Elly immediately find common ground over the iconic country town.

“I’m an astrophysicist, basically looking to find another planet like earth and that was the immediate thing that popped in my head,” Matt says adding, “I was like fantastic! I could hang out at The Dish, I could make it work.”

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Obviously impressing him immensely, Matt awarded Elly the “Golden Ticket” in a Bachie first, which saw Matt taking her straight to his hometown of Melbourne on a spectacular date with Gai Waterhouse.

Meanwhile, Elly previously admitted she applied for The Bachelor to “take a bit of a chance”.

“You never know where life is going to take you, so if you don’t take chances then you’re going to stay put and you won’t find out!” she said.

When asked about her ideal partner, we just adored her response!

“My ideal partner is someone kind, funny, selfless, loyal and intelligent,” she said.

“Someone I can learn from and who learns from me. Supporting each other through both the difficult and happy times. Someone who shares the same love for life as me and who is willing to take chances. Someone to travel the world and tick off my bucket-list with. Someone who my family loves and I love his. Someone who, if they have a dog, that their dog and my dog get along really well. Someone generous, family orientated and humble.”

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