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The Bachelor 2019: Meet Elly Miles, the gorgeous nurse who could steal Matt’s heart

Could she be The One for Matt?
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In a Bachelor mansion full of back-stabbers and wannabe Instagram influencers, it’s hard to find a genuinely gorgeous contestant like Elly Miles.

The bubbly blonde nurse from Newcastle in New South Wales is one of the nicest girls we’ve seen on The Bachelor – and if tonight’s premiere episode is anything to go by, it seems Bachie Matt Agnew completely agrees with us!

The stunning 24-year-old clearly makes an impression on our Bachie, with the pair sharing a sweet moment toasting marshmallows by an open fire during the first cocktail ceremony.

When Matt asks where Elly is from, she explains she grew up in a NSW country town called Parkes, to which Matt instantly replies, “Oh just near the Parkes telescope?”

The town of Parkes in central west NSW has a population of 11,000 people and is known for the 64m high radio telescope housed inside Parkes Observatory, made famous by the 2000 Aussie film The Dish, starring Sam Neil.

And of course, being an astrophysicist, Matt is more than familiar with the role “The Dish” played during the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, so he and Elly immediately find common ground over the iconic country town.

“I’m an astrophysicist, basically looking to find another planet like earth and that was the immediate thing that popped in my head,” Matt says adding, “I was like fantastic! I could hang out at The Dish, I could make it work.”

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Elly looked stunning on episode one in this pretty white frock.

(Credit: Channel 10)

So, what else is there to know about Elly? Her official bio describes her as “a big softie with a kind heart” who “looks at people in love and wants to feel that for herself”.

She describes herself as “enthusiastic, adventurous, happy, outgoing and loyal” and wants a man who is family orientated, humble and wants to travel the world while ticking off their bucket-lists together.

Elly applied for The Bachelor to “take a bit of a chance”.

“You never know where life is going to take you, so if you don’t take chances then you’re going to stay put and you won’t find out!” she said.

When asked about her ideal partner, we just adored her response!

“My ideal partner is someone kind, funny, selfless, loyal and intelligent,” she said.

“Someone I can learn from and who learns from me. Supporting each other through both the difficult and happy times. Someone who shares the same love for life as me and who is willing to take chances. Someone to travel the world and tick off my bucket-list with. Someone who my family loves and I love his. Someone who, if they have a dog, that their dog and my dog get along really well. Someone generous, family orientated and humble.”

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Ellie is absolutely stunning.

(Credit: Instagram)

The Newcastle local actually grew up in Parkes.

(Credit: Instagram)

And she is a total outdoorsy gal!

(Credit: Instagram)

Judging by her Insta feed, Elly loves going out for cocktails with the girls.

(Credit: Instagram)

And if the new promo for this season is anything to go by, it looks as though the single dates involve lots of adventure – flying through the sky, getting out and about on the water – definitely not your standard dinner date!

But according to Elly, that’s perfect in her books.

“My dream date would be going on an adventure of some kind or being outdoors and doing an activity!” she revealed.

“I find sit-down dinners can put a lot of pressure on you to have conversation flow. A fun activity is always a good option and a good chance to have a bit of banter! If I let my imagination run wild, a dream date for me would be a day full of outdoor activities like fishing (and actually catching heaps of fish) and mud crabbing then heading off to a beach where we’d cook up our catch in a camp oven. Then spend the evening around the fire, listening to music.”

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Elly enjoying a fun night out in Newcastle.

(Credit: Instagram)

And look, we had a little stalk through Elly’s Instagram and damn, the girl has an incredible rig!

She clearly loves being by the beach and looks absolutely amazing in a bikini.

Elly and Matt clearly have a shared interest in health and fitness.

Phwoar! Look at that rig!

(Credit: Instagram)


(Credit: Instagram)


(Credit: Instagram)

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Want to get to know Elly better? You can follow her on Instagram here.

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